June 22, 2017
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  • Vicious Animal Law

    By Derek Fink
    In mid-April, my office received an email about a vicious dog attack that occurred in the Chesterfield neighborhood. A dog had escaped from its owner’s home and went after a lady walking a dog on the sidewalk. This dog, according to witnesses, was completely unprovoked and had no reason to...
  • Is Pasadena Air Quality Unhealthy?

    By Senator Bryan Simonaire
    Are we being exposed to unhealthy levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2)? That is a fair question considering the recent contradicting reports on the subject.
    With two major coal-fired power plants in the Pasadena area, we all want to be assured that the air we breathe is healthy and does not contain...
  • Board Of Elections Audit Is Shocking

    By Meagan Simonaire
    A recent independent audit of our State Board of Elections (SBE) revealed some disturbing findings. As a member of the election law subcommittee in the House of Delegates, I have called for a public joint legislative hearing to address the deficiencies, allow for questioning of the board, review...
  • Special Arrest Warrant Reduction Initiative

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    My office has taken great pride in developing unique ways to reduce the number of arrest warrants in Anne Arundel County. Besides using traditional methods, we have initiated creative arrest stings designed to fool criminals; conducted multiagency, large-scale arrest sweeps; showcased wanted people...
  • Hit A Home Run This Summer At Maryland’s Craft Breweries

    By Peter Franchot
    As summertime approaches, I can’t think of two things that go better together on a sweltering day than baseball and cold beer.

    And Maryland is home to the best of both – the Orioles are one of the top teams in the American League and craft brewers from the mountains of Western Maryland to the Ocean City boardwalk are producing award-winning beer.

    In that spirit, I recently joined the Brewers Association of Maryland and the Maryland Office of Tourism at Peabody Heights Brewery in Baltimore to announce the launch of the Baseball & Brew Scorecard. This fun game encourages Marylanders and out-of-state visitors to hit the road this summer and fill out their scorecards by...
  • Time To Revisit Maslow

    By Jason LaBarge
    As a financial professional, it is very important in my everyday interaction with clients to understand psychology and the impact emotions have on saving and retirement planning. In fact, I joke that my job is really 10 percent about the numbers and 90 percent about managing emotions. While I may say this in jest, it is accurate on many levels.

    In 1943, Abraham Maslow issued his landmark “A Theory of Human Motivation,” in which he outlined his classic “hierarchy of needs.” In this paper, he defined physiological, safety, belonging/love, esteem, and self-actualization to describe the pattern that human motivations generally evolve through. The idea is generally...
  • Locally Owned Coterie Boutique To Open In Magothy Gateway

    Coterie (pronounced koh-tuh-ree, meaning a group of people who share common interests) is coming to Magothy Gateway. The business opened the doors to its first store in 2014 to bring high-quality fashion (not consignment) to the area. Owner Bess Clark longed for the array of clothing boutiques available in Los Angeles, and she decided she would create her own in Maryland. Now, Clark and her staff are expanding their location to Magothy Gateway, a new shopping center located at the intersection of Magothy Bridge Road and Ritchie Highway near Earleigh Heights. The new shop will be more accessible to the entire community and will feature more clothing, shoes and accessories to cater to the...
  • A Budget That Advances A Fundamental Vision

    By County Executive Steve Schuh
    On May 1, I presented our proposed Fiscal Year 2018 (FY2018) budget to the county council. I am excited about this budget and believe it advances our administration's fundamental vision of making Anne Arundel County the best place to live, work and start a business in Maryland.
    The budget...
  • If You’re Reading This, I May Owe You Money!

    By Peter Franchot
    In Maryland, you don’t have to buy a lottery ticket to win the jackpot.
    While my agency has the important but unenviable task of collecting taxes, the comptroller’s office also serves as the legal custodian of Marylanders’ unclaimed properties. That means my staff and I get to...
  • One Of Blue’s Toughest Jobs

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    Cops are not supposed to cry. They can't. If they did, they might be considered, God forbid, human. Dealing with death as a law enforcement office has far more implications than most would believe, especially for the deputy or officer giving a death notification. It's a part of the job no...
  • Success Comes In Many Forms

    By Senator Bryan Simonaire
    When representatives focus on issues and not partisan politics, much can be accomplished.
    Over the last two sessions, I have had the privilege to lead the passage of 19 bills. Some of these bills created life-changing programs or repealed unnecessary laws that created inefficiencies in our...
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  • Great Results For The Citizens Of Our State

    By Delegate Nic Kipke
    The 437th 90-day legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly concluded last month. Thousands of bills were introduced and acted on, including the state budget. Again this year, I was elected to serve as the Republican leader in the House of Delegates and had the great privilege to work in...
  • Let’s Look At The Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

    By Councilman Derek Fink
    Every year on May 1, the county executive gives a speech to outline his budget proposal that will be explained, debated and voted on by the county council over the six weeks following his address. County Executive Steve Schuh’s proposal is a positive approach that is focused on necessary...
  • Letter To The Editor: In Response To Brian Griffiths

    By Senator Bryan Simonaire
    Disagreement on policy is one thing, but attacking one’s integrity is another. Last month, Brian Griffiths unbelievably claimed that I submitted my veterans suicide prevention legislation simply to exploit veterans. He claims I only wanted press coverage and my bill had nothing to do with...
  • An Elected School Board For Anne Arundel County

    By Steve Schuh
    Last month was historic for our county, our school system, our parents and our students. In a stunning and complete turnaround in policy, state legislators voted to replace Anne Arundel County's appointed school board with an elected school board.
    I have consistently pushed for an elected...
  • Fracking Ban Driven By Safety Concerns

    By Senator Bryan Simonaire
    Standing shoulder to shoulder with Governor Larry Hogan at a recent press conference, I announced that I would partner with him in supporting the ban on fracking in Maryland.
    Fracking is the process of horizontally extracting natural gas through the pumping of water and chemicals into the ground....
  • Maryland Trust Act

    By Derek Fink
    Since the election of President Donald Trump, the news media has focused a great deal on his policies to stop illegal immigration. With new policies that are trying to crack down on illegal immigration, liberal Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly attempted to pass legislation called the...
  • The Sun Sets On Another Legislative Session

    By Meagan Simonaire
    The 90-day meeting of the Maryland General Assembly has come to an end, and almost everyone agrees that it was a session we can all be proud of. A total of 935 bills and five resolutions were passed this year.
    Among those passed, I was the primary sponsor of two. The first was a bill that would...
  • Letter To The Editor

    By Anonymous
    I was very disappointed to see that the Voice published State Senator Bryan Simonaire's opinion piece regarding his legislation providing service animals for veterans.
    Senator Simonarie's piece insinuates that his legislation is designed to stop suicides. However, as we have documented at...
  • County Survey Finds That Hogan Is Popular, But Not TrumpExclusive

    By Anonymous
    A survey of 521 Anne Arundel County residents conducted March 25-30 by the Center for the Study of Local Issues (CSLI) at Anne Arundel Community College asked respondents whether they approved of the jobs that Larry Hogan is doing as governor and Donald Trump is doing as president. The public was...
  • Legislature Encourages Funds For Air Monitors In Pasadena

    By Dylan Roche
    Since late 2016, Pasadena residents have been holding their breath about mixed reports regarding the air quality in Pasadena, namely the levels of sulfur dioxide resulting from the emissions put out by the Herbert A. Wagner Unit 3 smokestack on Fort Smallwood Road.
    The Greater Pasadena Council (...

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