October 24, 2017
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  • Fall Issues In Our Community

    By Councilman Derek Fink
    Even though the weather has not felt as it normally does this time of year, the fall season is here, and winter will not be far behind. Come fall and winter, my office is flooded with calls and emails about road conditions, including potholes, storm-drain cleaning and traffic control issues,...
  • Cybersecurity Threat Impacts Everyone

    By Senator Bryan Simonaire
    Recently, I was asked to serve on the Maryland Cybersecurity Council. Given the real-world threat to our state, my background and multiple degrees in computer engineering, I was thrilled to be appointed to this council by the Senate leadership.
    Unless your head was buried in some hole for the last...
  • Not Seeking Re-Election

    By Meagan Simonaire
    I recently announced that I will not seek re-election, despite earlier plans to do so. Over the last several months, increasing responsibilities and opportunities for growth at my full-time job made it clear that I would have to make a choice between continuing in the legislature or progressing in...
  • A Recap Of National Recovery Month

    By Nancy Schrum - Anne Arundel County Constituent Services
    As we celebrate the close of National Recovery Month, we need remind citizens of the breadth of the challenge we face when it comes to heroin and opioid addiction in Anne Arundel as well as our response.
    Three years ago, our county was experiencing one fatality a week and one overdose a day. As a...

    Keeping Our K-9s Safe

    By Ron Bateman
    Recently, I was glad to announce the latest technology being added to the Sheriff's Office to ensure the safety of K-9 Chase. Chase is a talented 7-year-old German Shepherd who’s trained in explosive and firearm detection. His handler is veteran Deputy Sheriff Michelle Goodman, who has...
  • Power Of The Matriarch: Go To The FuneralExclusive

    By Leslie Dolsak
    Brené Brown, in her new book, “Braving the Wilderness,” is emphatic about attending funerals. When my father died, I will always remember attendees and no-shows. People shocked me with their “conflicting plans.” But even beyond attendance, I remember exactly who gave to the in-lieu-of-flowers fund. It was a special cause, linked to my father’s profession, childbirth and infertility. What mattered wasn’t the amount given; it was simply the gesture, the tribute to life.

    It’s not just funerals we must show up for; it’s life’s daily bumps and bruises. The other day, my husband looked a bit forlorn. Our 3-year-old son observed this...
  • On The Road AgainExclusive

    By Peter Franchot
    When I became comptroller in 2007, I told my staff I didn’t want to be confined to my desk in Annapolis.

    I’ve always believed that elected officials need to be accessible to the people they serve, which is why I get out of my office as often as possible to take the pulse of Maryland’s economy. I get the numbers regularly, but seeing it firsthand and talking to families and businesses is an affirmation of what the data says, while providing an up-close look at where the greatest needs are.

    So, I set out to visit all corners of our state, from the rolling hills in Western Maryland to the farmland on the Eastern Shore, touring schools, parks, businesses and more.

    It is,...
  • Letter To The Editor: Respect For Those Who Gave It AllExclusive

    By James “Jeep” Bilenki Jr.
    At a time when this nation is beginning to heal itself, put aside the divisions that have torn this country apart and support our president, we have to face the unsavory act of a bunch of overpaid, over-privileged, prima donnas who play a game that millions of us used to play for fun. They insist...
  • Schuh, Altomare Announce Anti-Gang Task ForceExclusive

    County Executive Steve Schuh and Police Chief Tim Altomare recently announced a joint Anne Arundel County/City of Annapolis taskforce to investigate, charge and convict members of violent street gangs.
    “Recent events have demonstrated that we need to redouble our efforts and take back...
  • Got An Opinion? Share It With Us!Exclusive

    By Voice Media
    We want to hear your thoughts regarding what’s happening in the neighborhood. Is there a current issue at hand that you feel strongly about? We know our readers are passionate about their neighborhoods, schools, community and so much more – and the Voice would love for you to tell us...
  • Letter To The Editor: Ravens, Our Pride Has Turned To Shame

    To the entire Baltimore Ravens football team: While the world watched, you disgraced and embarrassed our country and city. You disrespected the American flag and national anthem. And then you brazenly stood in respect for the British anthem. Have you forgotten that Britain was the country your...
  • Recently Archived

  • FTA Amnesty Program Proves Successful

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    I told you it wasn’t a sting! It was the county’s first Failure to Appear Warrant Amnesty Day and it was a huge success! I must give a big shout out to our partners. Without them, this would have never been a success. Let me recognize the public defender’s office, the States...
  • An Upgrade To Cox Creek

    By Steve Schuh
    Recently, our county celebrated a huge milestone: the completion of the $141 million upgrade to Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility in Pasadena. Elected officials past and present gathered on July 12 as we highlighted this major achievement to improve the water quality in and around North County...
  • Environmental Health Issues

    By Derek Fink
    I hope this has been a very fun and eventful summer for you and your families as much as it has been for me and my family. The warm summer months bring many environmental issues (and complaints) to my office’s attention. In this article, I would like to explain some of the environmental...
  • It Is A Privilege To Help Our Military And Veterans

    By Senator Bryan Simonaire
    My father served in the Air Force during the Korean War, my father-in-law served in World War II and many others in my extended family have joined the armed forces, so honoring the military is in my blood. While I did not enter the military, I have been privileged to work alongside many men and...
  • Are You Paying Too Much In Taxes?

    By Meagan Simonaire
    When discussing the need for local government reforms, the No. 1 issue I hear over and over again is reforming our tax laws, especially our property tax laws.
    To that end, this past session I successfully passed legislation providing our county with more tools to give greater property tax breaks...
  • Letter To The Editor: The Global Demise Of Polio

    By Fran Ouellette
    At the 2017 Rotary International Convention in June, Rotary’s most recent fundraising efforts were made public and reported by major network news entities. According to our partner, the Gates Foundation, in a speech to Rotarians at the convention, Bill Gates and Rotary President John Germ...
  • Got An Opinion? Share It With Us!

    By Anonymous
    We want to hear your thoughts regarding what’s happening in the neighborhood. Is there a current issue at hand that you feel strongly about? We know our readers are passionate about their neighborhoods, schools, community and so much more – and the Voice would love for you to tell us...
  • Letter To The Editor: Angels Call An Angel Home

    By James Bilenki Jr
    In June, I wrote an article about Angel’s Food Market – the fantastic people who work there, the great homemade food and the wonderful service they provide. As I said, Angel’s has been a member of the communities here for decades. They are family. Sadly, we have lost a wonderful...
  • A Healthy And Safe Anne Arundel County

    By Derek Fink
    I hope that you are all having a great summer and had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday! A lot of interesting and exciting things have happened during June and early July in the county and with the county council. We passed our annual budget, which I highlighted in a previous article. At...
  • A Day In The Life Of A Legislator

    By Senator Bryan Simonaire
    When a legislator is in session for 90 days starting in January, it is like a rollercoaster. The pace starts a little slow while the legislation is being drafted, and then all of a sudden, lawmakers are speeding down the tracks of session. On the 90th day, session halts abruptly like a...

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