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  • American Flag Painting Greets Seafarers Passing Bayside Beach

    As a paratrooper in the 11th Airborne Division, Frederick Thompson was used to jumping out of planes, but a different experience had him jumping for joy in 1989 when he had an American flag painted on his Bayside Beach home.
    “He loved being an American and he loved the flag,” said...
  • Pets And Loud Noises — Not A Good CombinationExclusive

    Is your dog scared of thunderstorms or loud noises? Does he or she hide or pant and pace at the sound of fireworks? Have you ever come home to find that your dog has chewed a hole in your wall?
    Behavior problems are one of the most common causes for pets ending up in shelters or, even worse, being...
  • How Motocross Will Change Our County’s Criminal Justice System

    Motocross is a sport that leads to many injuries no matter how good you are. It just can’t be avoided. Anyone who has ever ridden knows this painful reality, but the fun of it all keeps you ridding. Once in your blood, it’s a sport you never seem to grow out of. Sorry, Mom. I have the...
  • Laughs And Drafts Brings Renowned Comedians To Rams Head

    Whether you like your humor clean or crude, you’ll have the opportunity to witness some intriguing comedy in the coming weeks and months as Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis hosts its Laughs and Drafts series. Among the headliners are Louie Anderson, Henry Cho, Dave Attell and Jim Breuer....
  • The Shops At Riviera Beach Moves Closer To Full Capacity

    Raise your hand if you have seen an empty storefront in Pasadena recently? If you’re reading this article, chances are that your hand is raised.
    After a long search to find tenants for The Shops at Riviera Beach, located at 8482 Fort Smallwood Road, MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services...
  • Veterans Unwind At Wounded Warrior Range Day

    More than 100 U.S. veterans and Stoney Creek Fishing and Hunting Club members came together on Saturday, June 3, on the club’s vast compound on Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena, for a day of shooting, sharing, eating and fellowship. Now in its seventh year, Wounded Warrior Range Day offers...
  • Bayside Beach Reacts To Tragic House Fire With Acts Of Good Will

    St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t the luckiest of days for the Bayside Beach community, but in the months since a house fire destroyed one home and damaged two others, the residents of the neighborhood have come together to support one of their own, to count their blessings and to reflect on...
  • Fundraising Effort Continues As Friends Of Downs Park Aim For New Amphitheater

    The Downs Park amphitheater has provided entertainment to the people of Pasadena for more than 30 years — but, as with every good thing, there comes a time when change is necessary. The current amphitheater is physically deteriorating and fails to shade performers from the sweltering summer...
  • Editor’s Voice

    Our June issue always tends to be a little school-centric, and why shouldn’t it be? The end of the school year is a monumental time for students, parents and educators. For us at the Voice, it’s a time to give some much-due recognition.


    It’s a time for proms and...

  • Where Should We Build?

    With spaghetti analogies, campaign contribution allegations, political pot-stirring and heated debates, two county council meetings in May provided more than just standard proceedings. At the forefront of the spectacle was the subject of land use in Anne Arundel County.
    After a bill regulating...
  • Downs Park Quilters Ingrain Themselves In The Fabric Of The Community

    Take a stroll across the 230 pristine acres of Downs Park or take in the magnificent view of the Chesapeake from the sandy shores and you may hear expressions like “flying geese,” “lazy daisy,” “rail fence,” “clamshell” or “dog ears.” But...
  • Power Of The Matriarch: Grit Your Teeth And Do Your Summer Assignment

    “Give me more grit, Mabel.” Those were my great-grandfather’s final words. Grit, an old-fashioned word, is garnering interest among psychologists and parenting experts. The days of everyone winning a trophy are gone. Your kid is not special. He or she needs to deliver....
  • For Four Decades, Lynn Stenner Has Worn Many Hats At CUMC

    Ask Lynn Stenner about her involvement at Community United Methodist Church (CUMC) and she might have to hand you a resume, lest she forget one of her important contributions.
    At different intervals over the last 40 years, she has served on the church council, visitation, nominations, staff parish...
  • Come Full Circle: Pasadena Native Sarah Marie Charles Pursues Dreams Of Performing

    On a Friday night in late summer 2016, around 8:00 or 9:00pm, Sarah Marie Charles was surprised to receive a call from her agent outside of normal business hours, but the news was good — she had an appointment on Monday morning to audition for an ensemble role in the national tour of “...
  • Big Band And Top 40: Downs Park To Present Summer Concert Series

    The Friends of Downs Park have made no secret of their intention to make the Bayside Summer Concert Series an event that transcends eras. After all, this year’s bands bridge the multigenerational divide from blues to Motown to rock ‘n’ roll.
    Pet Rock kicked off the 2017 session...
  • PBA Update

    Summer is here, and that means that we at the PBA are busy planning for the annual crab feast. This is a community event, so it’s all about socializing with your friends, family, neighbors and, of course, fellow PBA members.
    This year’s crab feast is set for Wednesday, July 12, from 6:...
  • Plaza Garibaldi Celebrates 20 Years Of Serving Savory Tex-Mex Food

    When Plaza Garibaldi owner Maria Aguilar recently ran into the woman who originally leased the property where her restaurant now sits, the two shared a laugh. Twenty years ago when Aguilar was looking to occupy the space in Glen Burnie, the property owner was apprehensive because of challenges...
  • Coterie Boutique’s New Location Is Open For Business

    After a few years in its Mountain Road shop, Coterie Boutique has moved into a new custom-designed space in Magothy Gateway. The owner, Bess Clark, spent eight years in Los Angeles, where she worked as the executive director of a corporate law firm and grew a branch ( that focused...
  • Green Point Wellness Helps Community Understand Medicinal Cannabis Industry Coming To Maryland

    A new industry is coming to Maryland, and its first location is expected to be right here in Anne Arundel County. It might face some skepticism or even opposition, but the leadership behind Green Point Wellness — a medicinal cannabis dispensary slated to open in late 2017 — wants to...
  • Resistant Antibiotics Are Caused By Use

    Widespread antibiotic usage began in the 1940s when they were used to treat infections. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have developed over time and threaten the usefulness of these drugs.
    Resistant antibiotics are caused by antibiotic use.
    Q: When do I need to take an antibiotic drug?
    A: Disease-...
  • Pets Fight Cancer, Too

    What Is Cancer?
    Cancer is defined as “a group of diseases in which abnormal cells in the body grow and divide uncontrollably.” There are two broad groups of cancer: benign and malignant.
    Benign tumors increase in size over a period of time but do not spread or grow in other parts of...
  • Vicious Animal Law

    In mid-April, my office received an email about a vicious dog attack that occurred in the Chesterfield neighborhood. A dog had escaped from its owner’s home and went after a lady walking a dog on the sidewalk. This dog, according to witnesses, was completely unprovoked and had no reason to...
  • Is Pasadena Air Quality Unhealthy?

    Are we being exposed to unhealthy levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2)? That is a fair question considering the recent contradicting reports on the subject.
    With two major coal-fired power plants in the Pasadena area, we all want to be assured that the air we breathe is healthy and does not contain...
  • Board Of Elections Audit Is Shocking

    A recent independent audit of our State Board of Elections (SBE) revealed some disturbing findings. As a member of the election law subcommittee in the House of Delegates, I have called for a public joint legislative hearing to address the deficiencies, allow for questioning of the board, review...
  • Special Arrest Warrant Reduction Initiative

    My office has taken great pride in developing unique ways to reduce the number of arrest warrants in Anne Arundel County. Besides using traditional methods, we have initiated creative arrest stings designed to fool criminals; conducted multiagency, large-scale arrest sweeps; showcased wanted people...


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