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  • B.C. Mullins works at her computer near one of her dogs, Sugar. Mullins will appear at the Baltimore Book Festival on September 24.
    B.C. Mullins works at her computer near one of her dogs, Sugar. Mullins will appear at the Baltimore Book Festival on September 24.

B.C. Mullins Writes About Family And Magic In Her “Tony Taylor” Series

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September 19, 2017

The “Tony Taylor” series combines two passions of Pasadena author B.C. Mullins: writing and children.

“When I was a teenager, I loved babysitting,” Mullins said. “When I became a mom, that was the greatest role of my life. I enjoyed my children and their friends and telling them stories.”

Mullins also enjoyed writing from a young age. She wrote articles for local magazines when her oldest son was young. Now that both of her children are adults, she has turned her attention to writing books about a boy named Tony, who travels from New York City to his grandparents’ farm in Maryland and goes on supernatural adventures.

Mullins said that the series is based on the stories that she told her two boys when they were growing up. Tony is named after her oldest son, Anthony.

“I decided to put it down in print so that other children could enjoy it,” Mullins said, “and also so that my own children would have that years from now and it will bring back memories for them.”

Although the farm is fictional, many locations in the series are real places in Maryland. The fishing pier that Tony’s grandfather takes him to in the first book, “Tony Taylor and Summer with Grandpa,” is based on a pier that Mullins visited with her children.

Mullins said that Tony’s supernatural adventures at the farm come from her desire to preserve the imagination of children. She creates a twist at the end of her books to allow readers to come to their own conclusions about what happened.

“If you believe in the paranormal, you can say, ‘Oh, this is what happened,’” Mullins said. “And if you don’t, you can say, ‘There’s a logical explanation.’”

In her latest book, “Tony Taylor and Grandma’s Christmas Wish,” Tony goes to his grandparents’ farm to help out during Christmas vacation after his grandmother gets sick. She tells him her wish for Christmas and he tries to make it come true. The book was supposed to be published on September 15 but will be published in October due to a printing error.

Besides continuing the “Tony Taylor” series, Mullins is completing a young adult book called “The Ghost in the Library,” a tale about a boy who moves to a town in Maryland and discovers that the residents think that the library is haunted.

Mullins’s greatest influence is James Patterson, who mentioned in an online interview that he was working on 30 books. Mullins said that this makes her more comfortable with writing multiple stories herself.

“He’s definitely an inspiration, but I don’t think that I could keep 30 storylines straight,” Mullins said.

Mullins is attending the Baltimore Book Festival on September 24. Copies of both “Tony Taylor” books will be available for purchase and she will sign them. Also, a drawing will allow people to win free copies of her books.

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