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  • The Chesapeake nachos were composed of white tortilla chips topped with seasoned shrimp, tiny scallops, crab meat, queso and pico de gallo.
    Photos by Shelley Allen
    The Chesapeake nachos were composed of white tortilla chips topped with seasoned shrimp, tiny scallops, crab meat, queso and pico de gallo.
  • The all-American burger was flavorful, hot and juicy.
    Photos by Shelley Allen
    The all-American burger was flavorful, hot and juicy.

Draft Beer, Great Food And Friendly People: Severna Park Taphouse Has It All

Shelley Allen
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September 19, 2017

Drive past Severna Park Taphouse on a weekend evening and you’ll see how popular this place is. It’s packed! Must be good, right?

Outside, it’s unpretentious; inside, it feels clean and comfortable. There are many seating options. The dining area offers some high and low wooden tables, and an earth-colored, tiled floor. A fireplace stands ready for cold nights. Above, a huge red Canadian flag is painted on the ceiling (our hostess said the owner is from Canada). A variety of pictures adorn the wall.

My party spotted a large bar (which was full for a late Wednesday afternoon), a pool table, and several televisions that were set at low volume so they weren’t intrusive. The area was nicely decorated with a mix of bar art. Outside, a fenced-in patio and deck area sat older gentlemen relaxing with beer and cigars at their sides. The roomy space looked ideal for cornhole.

Our waitress, Brittney, was immediately at our table with a bright smile. She admitted to being at the restaurant for just a few months, but she was a perfect server. She shared that there are about 30 draft beers on tap with feature beers changing nightly. Beer drinkers can choose from the “crisp and clean,” “dry and fruity,” “hoppy and sharp,” “malty and sweet,” “bold and roasty,” “tart and funky,” and “cask,” each with descriptions and ABV (alcohol by volume) values listed. Our offerings were ice cold and didn’t disappoint.

For our appetizer, we chose the Chesapeake nachos and the taphouse jumbo wings. I was blown away by the size of the Chesapeake nachos — this is definitely a dish to share! White tortilla chips were topped with seasoned shrimp, tiny scallops, crab meat, queso and pico de gallo — a tasty combo that could have been tastier with a bit more queso. The homemade salsa and sour cream that accompanied the dish enhanced the flavor.

One member of our party ordered the wings “hot.” He flirted with the “hell” wings, but stepped from the brink at the last minute. (Does that mean he’s in purgatory?) Our wingman declared them meaty, a bit crispier than most, but “spot-on hot!”


The service was paced perfectly. Brittney said burgers are the most popular menu item, and there are many burgers to choose from. We selected an all-American burger, rare, and topped it with jalapenos and an order of Sriracha tacos, one chicken and one steak.

The burger was flavorful, hot and juicy. It didn’t win the Best Burger I’ve Ever Eaten contest, but it could easily be a runner-up.

The tacos brought eye rolls of delight. Overstuffed with meat, veggies and pico de gallo, they were fresh. The Sriracha sauce wasn’t too hot and it had a sweet aftertaste.

For dessert, we ordered a key lime pie, which is homemade on the premises, and a piece of apple pie à la mode, topped with caramel sauce.

The apple pie arrived with two scoops of ice cream on each side, topped with caramel sauce. The apples were sweet, the crust acceptable, but the key lime made me sigh and made a dining partner roll her eyes twice. Fabulous! It was not too sweet (a complaint I have with many pies), with the perfect tartness that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It was topped with whipped cream and drizzled with raspberry sauce. I haven’t had good key lime pie in years. A dining partner said she had key lime pie in the Florida Keys and she really liked this one. When I return, I will probably order it again with less whipped cream.

It’s easy to see why Severna Park Taphouse is a favorite hub for many folks. Take some time to tap into the vibes of this neighborhood gem, located at 58 West Earleigh Heights Road.

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