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Expat Musician Brings It Back Home With Latest Release

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December 4, 2017

Ray Weaver’s “Naptown Saturday Night” Aimed At Helping His Fellow Musicians

“Everything’s gonna be alright, it’s a Naptown Saturday night.”

So goes the chorus of the latest release from Ray Weaver, a Pasadena-raised musician and longtime fixture at local venues. Although Weaver has lived in Denmark for most of the past 20 years, he returns frequently to Anne Arundel County perform.

And he has never forgotten his roots.

“‘Naptown Saturday Night’ is a song about me trying to break into the Annapolis music scene back in the ‘70s,” said Weaver. “It mentions places like Charlie’s Westside and bands like Telluride that bring back a lot of memories for people who played and partied during that era.”

Weaver said “Naptown Saturday Night” had been gathering dust in his guitar case for about 20 years. He revived it when he was invited to play a Bruce Springsteen tribute show at the Ram’s Head On Stage in Annapolis. The show was presented by the Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians (AMFM).

“AMFM puts on these shows called ‘In the Vane Of’ to raise funds to provide temporary financial help to Annapolis musicians who cannot work due to sickness, injury, or other circumstances that leave them unable to perform,” said Weaver. “The idea is to do a song by the artist being spotlighted, and then do an original in their style. It’s a cool idea and a great cause.”

Sean O’Neill, one of the organizers, mentioned to Weaver that the evening’s show had enough slower songs and recommended that he do something more upbeat.

“I was so unsure of the song that I thought the crowd was poking fun at me when they started laughing and applauding when I finished the first verse,” said Weaver.

In fact, the crowd loved “Naptown Saturday Night.”

“About a dozen people asked me where they could buy it, and three local radio and podcasting outfits wanted to play it,” he said. “But it didn’t exist past that night’s performance!”

The reaction encouraged Weaver to record a full-band version of the song with his Danish producer and cowriter Michael Skotte. Since “Naptown Saturday Night” was conceived as part of a Springsteen tribute, the team wanted to maintain that special feel.

“Michael is a brilliant producer, and I think we capture Bruce’s early style, with a little Van Morrison and Tom Petty mixed in,” said Weaver.

“Naptown Saturday Night” is available for download at all of the popular music sites, including iTunes and CD Baby.

“I hope people actually spend a buck on this one instead of just streaming it,” said Weaver. “A portion of the proceeds are going to help AMFM continue their work giving musicians a hand. Most of the players I know have no health insurance and live from gig to gig. Missing even one can be devastating.”

Weaver will return to the U.S. in December and January.


Ray Weaver’s Upcoming Performances


Thursday, December 28 - Brian Boru in Severna Park

Friday, December 29 - Killarney House in Davidsonville

Saturday, December 30 - Galway Bay in Annapolis

Sunday, December 31 - Pirates Cove Restaurant in Galesville


Thursday, January 4 - Brian Boru in Severna Park

Friday, January 5 - Brian Boru in Severna Park

Saturday, January 6 - Killarney House in Davidsonville

Sunday, January 7 - Galway Bay in Annapolis

Thursday, January 11 - Brian Boru in Severna Park

Friday, January 12 - Galway Bay in Annapolis

Saturday, January 13 - Killarney House in Davidsonville

Sunday, January 14 - Galway Bay in Annapolis

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