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Megan Baker Creates Viral Rap Parody

Maya Pottiger
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December 13, 2017

“I’m the mom. You’re my little kid. I make all the rules.”
Is this relatable? Does it sound familiar?
Megan Baker, 27, raps the line in her parody version of “Bodak Yellow.” Baker’s parody reworks the song to focus on motherhood.
The video, published on November 13, has nearly 3,000 views on YouTube and can be found under the username The Random Mom.
“I’ve always been good with lyrics; I can hear a song a time or two and know the words,” Baker said. “If someone knows the actual song and listens to the lyrics, I leave in a lot of keywords but turned them into mom versions so the song still had its flow.”
Baker is the mother of a 4-year-old boy and a full-time nanny for three children. She is also a professional photographer specializing in newborn babies.
In August and September, Baker spent two weeks writing and perfecting the lyrics to her parody.
“I wanted to make sure it matched up perfectly,” Baker wrote. “Then I had to memorize my lyrics with the song’s beat which was a little tricky because my brain kept going to the real song.”
Baker said she had the original lyrics in front of her while writing her own lyrics on a separate sheet of paper so she could easily reference Cardi B’s lyrics. The hardest part was keeping the different themes in sections so they weren’t “mixed up and random.”
Before publicly posting the video, Baker said she only did practice versions for a few friends.
“I originally wanted to make a funny music video acting out the scenes, but it never fell into place,” Baker said. “Then I kept seeing other people posting their versions, and I didn’t want to wait too long to post, so I just recorded it in my car and finally posted.”
Baker said she wrote her lyrics before hearing any of the other versions, despite many of them having similar choruses.
Another reason Baker held off on posting her video was her worry of negative reactions. However, other than a few comments, Baker said she has received largely positive feedback. People have even asked when her next parody will be out.
Her son’s preschool class played the video, so she received feedback from his classmates, as well.
“When I picked him up, a little girl in his class said, ‘We watched your mommy rap today,’” Baker wrote. “I don’t have any foul language in it for that reason.”
Baker said she has always loved music and listens to everything ranging from hip-hop and rap to country and rock depending on her mood and activity.
“I’ve always loved the idea of parodies,” Baker wrote. “I like the funny parts and how creative people get. Most of them bring people together and laugh.”
Now when “Bodak Yellow” comes on in the car, Baker said she sings both the original lyrics and her own.
“This world today is full of so much negativity,” Baker said. “I made this to show we all have common ground somehow. And we can all laugh and be silly.”

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