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Pasadena Native Patrice Gentile Is An Up-And-Coming Fashion Designer

Dylan Roche
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April 18, 2012

Story And Photos By Brianne Leith

Pasadena native Patrice Gentile is quirky, feminine and vivacious — and designs clothes to match. Her clothing line, Aliceanna, comprises meticulously handmade pieces including shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts and rompers; they are feminine, with a vintage feel but modern flair.

“My clothes are for women who are sassy, who have a spunky attitude wrapped in femininity,” Gentile described with a smile. “My fashion has always been about the woman’s figure. I want women to love what they have. We are amazing, remarkable creatures. My clothes are my way of helping women embrace themselves.”

Having grown up in Pasadena, Gentile discovered her passion for clothing design at Chesapeake High School. “I took fashion merchandising as an elective and, at the age of 16, I knew I wanted to be in fashion,” she explained. “My guidance counselor pointed me to Radford University.”

Gentile graduated from Radford with a bachelor’s degree in fashion. Afterward, she worked in New York before returning to her home in Maryland, where she began her dream.

In November 2010, Gentile started designing seriously. “I always wanted to have my own business, my own label,” she explained. She drew the name “Aliceanna” by combining the names of her grandmothers. “I’ve become a fusion of both women,” she said. “Headstrong, sharp-tongued and independent like Alice; sweet, compassionate and imaginative like Anna. I use this label because I do not want myself in the forefront. It’s about the clothes.”

Gentile has had great reception to her clothing line. Available in stores such as Vivo!, Nana and DoubleDutch, Aliceanna clothing was also exhibited in the biannual D.C. Fashion District show on April 12. Currently, Aliceanna can be found on Facebook and Etsy, and Gentile maintains a blog at www.stolenmannequin.blogspot.com. She plans to launch an Aliceanna website shortly at www.aliceannaclothing.com, and will then move to Los Angeles in June.

Although big fame seems imminent for Gentile, she stays true to her roots. “My parents were always supportive of everything I wanted to do,” she said. “They raised me to believe I can do what whatever I put my mind to.”

She stays connected to hometown Pasadena. “It doesn’t matter where you grow up,” she said. “You don’t have to be brought up in a fashion capital like New York.” In fact, she continues to feel inspired by Pasadena, and frequently returns to visit her parents.

“With a loving upbringing, drive and ambition, you can do whatever your heart desires,” she said.



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