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  • Dr. Antonio Knox appreciates the family-like atmosphere created by his patients and staff at his practice.
    Photo by Gracie Fairfax
    Dr. Antonio Knox appreciates the family-like atmosphere created by his patients and staff at his practice.

Pasadena Dental Care Treats Patients Like Family

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May 18, 2017

At Pasadena Dental Care, patients are more than a number. The owner, Dr. Antonio Knox, opened his practice in 2003 in Lakeshore Plaza. In 2012, he moved across the street to his current location, where he shared a building with Dr. John Mosca. In 2014, upon Mosca’s retirement, Knox bought Mosca’s portion of the practice.

Before studying to become a dentist, Knox was in the Air Force National Guard, and he maintained his status as a reserve until his retirement in May 2016. While in the Air Force Reserve, he served as the chief dentist for the Maryland Air National Guard on a part-time basis.

It was through the recommendation of one of his military supervisors who studied pre-dental that Knox initially looked into the field. After shadowing a few different dentists, he realized dentistry would be a good fit for him.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Knox and his wife moved to the Pasadena area following a brief period spent in other parts of Maryland.

“I was looking at practices and that was the best practice that was available, but being a dentist here, I would never trade my patient population for anybody’s,” Knox said. “I could talk to other doctors [in nearby areas] and it’s a whole different ball of wax. People here are down to earth.”

Pasadena Dental Care is a member of the Pasadena Business Association and enjoys giving back through participation in the Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy – a nonprofit organization that provides free health care, dental care and prescription medication to those who cannot afford it. Knox, one or two assistants and a hygienist occasionally make the trip to Salisbury to work with the organization and provide free dental care to those in need. He also periodically speaks at local schools about dentistry.

Knox believes what sets his practice apart is the warm atmosphere created by his staff and patients.

“We really know our patients, and it’s a very nice homey atmosphere, and I definitely am going to keep it that way. It leads to a nice situation for us who work here and our patients who come here,” Knox said. “Almost everybody that works here lives in Pasadena. It seems like they all know each other. It’s a dental practice, but it really seems like a family.

As a transplant to the Pasadena area, Knox appreciates living and working in a place that has a community spirit he has grown to love.

“Pasadena is a big small town. It really is,” he said. “You’re going to run into people at ACE Hardware or Two Rivers … neighbors, friends … and it does make this place special.”

Pasadena Dental Care is located at 4302 Mountain Road, Suite A, in Pasadena. To learn more, call 443-354-1845 or visit www.pasadenadentalcare.biz.

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