May 20, 2018
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  • Nisha and George Panchigar were joined by a group of community well-wishers as they officially opened their new 7-Eleven location in Arnold with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
    Photo by Larry Sells
    Nisha and George Panchigar were joined by a group of community well-wishers as they officially opened their new 7-Eleven location in Arnold with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Pasadena Resident Opens Third 7-Eleven

Maya Pottiger
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April 17, 2018
Those driving down Ritchie Highway in Arnold will notice a new haven for taquitos and Big Gulps. That’s right, a new 7-Eleven has opened in Arnold.
This location is owned by Pasadena’s Nisha and George Panchigar, and it’s their third 7-Eleven store. The couple has been in the 7-Eleven business for almost 10 years. They own the Pasadena 7-Eleven on Mountain Road, as well as one at the intersection of Benfield and Jumpers Hole roads in Severna Park, a location run by their son.
Before opening this Arnold location, the couple owned the 7-Eleven store a few doors down next to the Bike Doctor. When they opened the smaller store, there was a promise of the bigger store becoming available in a few years.
“Our community service and customer service and everything was very good, according to the 7-Eleven. We satisfied every customer,” Nisha said. “When this location opportunity came up, they asked us because we are a good franchisee.”
Now, roughly two and a half years later, the Panchigars moved into the bigger store.
“As a partner, they have trust in us. We have a good relationship with 7-Eleven,” Nisha said. “They see how honest and hardworking people we are.”
Aside from being bigger, the new store also offers gasoline, which will make it more appealing to those driving long distances.
The new location is a model of what all future 7-Eleven stores will look like, George said. The store has four skylights to allow natural light, and it’s environmentally friendly. All of the lights are motion censored to conserve electricity use.
The layout of the store is also designed to be more accommodating to customers. The shelves are raised to make the food more accessible, and the aisles are wider.
“In the future, all the 7-Elevens existing and the new buildings will be on this level,” George said. “That’s why this store is very important.”
At their other stores, the Panchigars have done a lot to give back to the community. They donate pizza and Slurpees for events, money to schools and have done sponsorships with the Green Hornets.
With this location being on the border of Severna Park and Arnold, the Panchigars are looking for more ways to get involved.
“We are new in Arnold,” George said. “This being a new neighborhood, we need to get acquainted with the neighborhood.”
Above all, Nisha said she wants to provide convenience to those in the neighborhood, giving them a nearby place “to get any necessary stuff they are asking for.”
“I love my customers,” Nisha said. “Just serving the community, that’s number one.”
The new 7-Eleven is located at 945 Ritchie Highway. It is open 24 hours.

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