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Dylan Roche
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May 17, 2017

You might be familiar with the expression “the calm before the storm” but I tend to think of May and early June as the storm before the calm. I’m referring, of course, to the whirlwind of activity that happens before we all switch into vacation mode for summer. Every weekend throughout May and early June brings something cool and different, so it’s a good storm, but a storm nevertheless.

When you’ve been a part of a close community for so long, you can sometimes forget to look at it with fresh eyes, but that’s what our editorial team here at the Pasadena Voice tries to do every year as we pick up our notepads and cameras to cover many of the annual stories we approach year after year — the festivals, the end-of-year honors, the budgets, the graduations and so forth.

When you talk to people though, and really listen to them, you find that the story of our community is always changing. I think — and I know many people would agree with me — that this is why local news is surviving, even flourishing, when other news sources struggle. We seek to connect with people and find the personal stories that we can all relate to. What we find is that those are the stories that are more relevant and stick with us longer than anything that’s just cut-and-dry.

In a world that seems increasingly divisive, I like to remember that there’s still something out there that unites all of us as we fumble through the human experience. It’s why I can read a story about … and I can think, “Wow, I can relate to that person, and I’m inspired by that.”

And when we disagree, let’s start a constructive discussion (and on a platform other than social media). We’re always accepting letters to the editor, and I like to see so many readers expressing their stances on community issues.

Thank you to everyone who sends us contributions, whether it’s a news tip, a calendar listing or just a fresh perspective on something we haven’t considered before. Having a close relationship with our readers is what helps us put out a publication that better reflects what’s happening right here in town.

Feel free to reach out to me directly anytime at dylan@pasadenavoice.com. Enjoy the month of May — I’ll talk to you in June.

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