September 22, 2018
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  • By allowing Granite Baptist Church to use their snowball truck this summer, Phil and Shelley Mahoney have made church hours both sacred and sweet.
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    By allowing Granite Baptist Church to use their snowball truck this summer, Phil and Shelley Mahoney have made church hours both sacred and sweet.

Husband And Wife Donate Snowball Truck To Neighborhood Church

Kerrigan Stern
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August 21, 2018

Local couple Phil and Shelley Mahoney wanted to make their summer not just a fun one but also a blessed one. Their plan of action? Helping their church give out not dozens of Bibles but dozens of snowballs.

This summer, the Mahoneys have been avid members of Granite Baptist Church in Glen Burnie. Here, they have worshipped with the congregation and assisted in the church’s programs.

“We are very plugged into our church,” said Shelley. “My husband is the Sunday school superintendent, and I teach preschoolers and elementary schoolers. I also recently worked as a camp counselor at the church's summer school extension program.”

This work has made them even more aware of the church’s importance in the community.

“Our church is really passionate about outreach — whether they're hosting a men's steak-out, providing luncheons and coffee dates for women, or simply pounding the pavement to invite people to church,” Shelley explained. “One of their biggest programs [was] Neighborhood Bible Time, a free week-long program August 6-10, and it included games, songs, stories, crafts, prizes and an absolutely exorbitant amount of cookies.”

As the Mahoneys looked at these outreach programs with pride and admiration, they began to think of a way that they could give a helping hand.

“Both of us are coffee lovers … and are hoping to pursue our vision for this,” Shelley said. “Part of our business plan actually involved purchasing a food truck or food trailer at some point in order to build our brand and extend our sales reach, but food trucks can boast a pretty hefty price tag.”

But then a golden opportunity to volunteer was given to the Mahoneys.

“A trusted family member offered us this snowball trailer out of the blue at a great price, so we saw an opportunity to make a short-term profit off the snowballs and ultimately convert it to a coffee truck,” Shelley explained.

The opportunity didn’t benefit just the Mahoneys. Their church will also enjoy the perks of using the snowball machine.

“Everyone loves snowballs, so we thought this would be a great chance to not only invite people to [Neighborhood Bible Time] but also to give them something they'll enjoy and just be a blessing,” said Shelley.

By allowing the church to use their snowball truck this summer, the couple has made church hours both sacred and sweet. Their hope is to get more people in their community involved with the church’s numerous programs and, one day, begin to worship with them.

“Our outreach is for the up, the down, and everyone in between,” said the Rev. Lou Rossi Jr. of Granite Baptist Church. “It’s about ministering to people and giving them the gospel. A free gift when they walk through our doors, like a complimentary snow cone, expresses that heart to our community.”

Call Granite Baptist Church at 410-761-1352 to register any kids under 12 years old for Neighborhood Bible Time.

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