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Neighborhood Of The Month: Long Point

Judy Tacyn
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September 20, 2017

Long Point on the Magothy is an elongated community at the end of Long Point Road in Pasadena, pointing into the Cornfield Creek to the north and the Magothy River to the south, and just northeast of Sillery Bay. The peaceful community consists of approximately 400 homes. Residents enjoy more than 20 community access points to the waterways. The Long Point Improvement Association maintains three community beaches and a homeowner boat ramp.

Residents enjoy many events throughout the year, including holiday parties, movie nights, beach parties, food and drink get-togethers, and community beach cleanup days. Longstanding clubs include the dinner, garden and horseshoe clubs. A paddler’s club has been started for standup paddlers, canoeists, paddleboarders and kayakers.

Five residents recently gathered at the home of John Lynch to share stories, memories and quite a few laughs.


Lee Faulstich
Resident for more than 50 years

“I think it must be official by now,” said Lee Faulstich. “I think I’m probably the longest-living resident of Long Point.” With her razor-sharp memory, joyful spirit and genuine giggle, no one will likely dare say otherwise.

Faulstich and her husband were living in Baltimore and traveling to Pasadena for seine fishing and crabbing. “We loved the water and we had a boat,” said Faulstich, “so we just decided to buy property.”

Long Point was just starting to build up with the Faulstich family moved in. She and her husband were able to purchase a lot and build a home the way they wanted it.

As the unofficial longest-living resident, she said she really loves to see second- and third-generation families still living in Long Point, sometimes in the same houses the kids grew up in.

“There is a man who lives next door to me who is 66 years old,” chuckled Faulstich, “and I’ve known him since he was 12 years old! It’s been very fun watching the community build up and the families grow up.

“I feel very safe here. There is always something going on and kids play outside together,” added Faulstich. “Everything I could possible want is right here. I love it here, and I’m not going anywhere!”


Marion White
Resident for 38 years

“We moved to Long Point during an ice storm and a snowstorm and were snowed in for three days,” recalled Marion White. “A neighbor baked us a cake to welcome us. Neighborhood children were sledding down our backyard and underneath the moving van while it was unloading. It was quite memorable.”

Don and Marion White chose Long Point because they needed a home with a special layout. “We found a house with an in-law apartment for Don’s mother who was an elderly widow and was coming to live with us,” said Marion. “We had two teenage daughters at the time and needed separate living quarters for mother and her little dog.”

White cannot think of a better place to live and recommends Long Point to just about anyone.

“Long Point is a safe environment, a country atmosphere and a friendly community,” added Marion. “Living here is convenient to church, grocery stores, the library and lots of activities here in Long Point. When we moved here, there were no major food stores. Fortunately, Angel’s was close, and about 7 miles up Mountain Road was Lauer’s, who still have the best bakery in Pasadena.”


Amy Panzer
Resident for three years

Amy Panzer grew up in Olde Severna Park and moved to Pasadena in 1998 after living out of state for 10 years.

“My husband, Keith, and I decided to buy a house here and get married in our backyard,” said Panzer. “We choose the Long Point community because of its proximity to excellent schools, a wonderful library, gorgeous and accessible waterways, and Downs Park.”

A water enthusiast, Panzer appreciates Long Point’s accessibility to the many creeks, the Magothy River and the Chesapeake Bay. She said, “I enjoy watching all of the wildlife that comes with living on or near the water; it’s one of my favorite ways to relax.”

Panzer said she loves the community spirit in Long Point. “I couldn’t ask for better neighbors. We watch out for one another and help when help is needed, not to mention receiving farm fresh eggs, honey and goat kisses.”

Panzer remembered a couple of winters ago when “we were all shoveling away at the snow to unearth our driveways. We helped each other to make a path to the secondary, unplowed road,” explained Panzer. “We saw a plow truck, owned by a community resident, turn down our street. With a deal too good to refuse, we pitched in and he cleared our court and provided access to the main road. We celebrated with peppermint mochas and hot chocolate for the kids, who made a fort and table out of the massive pile of snow left behind.”


John Lynch
Resident for 16 months

“I’m a relatively new homeowner here, though the neighbors have made it feel like home from the moment I arrived,” said John Lynch, who moved to Pasadena from Shipley’s Choice in Millersville. “I had been looking for waterfront property for more than a year and my eyes kept coming back to the charm of Long Point and the location relative to the Chesapeake Bay, fishing and the community values.

Lynch’s property is on Cornfield Creek, and he has a view of Gibson Island. Although the location is spectacular, Lynch said his neighbors are the true gems of the community.

“The neighbors here are truly like family,” said Lynch. “And it’s not just one neighbor — it’s each and every one of them. We all offer to help, watch each other’s property and, more importantly, we watch each other to ensure we are all OK and stop everything to help if assistance is needed. It’s very unique in my experience.”

Lynch really appreciates the “down-to-earth good nature of the residents of Long Point, including the community values, and the love and respect for the outdoors and water, which are true sources of pride,” said Lynch.

“It’s a little remote, and I believe Long Point is better because of it,” added Lynch. “There is character in every home. Even though we are in Pasadena, Long Point feels very secluded. This is my second summer here and it feels like vacation almost every day.”

Lynch believes Long Point is a special community with a diversity of residents and demographics that make it a perfect melting pot.

“The commonality is water, outdoors, pride in community and unwavering loyalty to neighbors and willingness to literally do anything possible, without question, to help anyone,” concluded Lynch. “Home has never been better.”

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