September 25, 2018
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Schuh Unveils FY2019 Budget

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May 2, 2018

When County Executive Steve Schuh addressed a crowd at the Arundel Center on May 1 to announce his $1.59 billion budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2019, he outlined a familiar message: a property tax cut, raises for employees in education and public safety, and strides toward a better quality of life.

The budget is not final until the county council weighs in. Here are a few highlights:


Schuh’s budget will invest $684 million in local schools, including $21.2 million for two educator step pay increases. To reduce class sizes, the proposal would add 80 educators.

Public Safety

The budget begins funding a 15 percent increase in compensation for police over the next two years. Under the county executive’s plan, starting police salaries will increase from $46,854 to $51,500. The budget adds 20 new police positions, including 10 new school resource officers.


This year's budget proposal increases the maintenance budget from $26 million to $30 million. The proposal also funds crucial chokepoint improvements at Catherine Avenue in Pasadena, Brock Bridge at MD 198 near Fort Meade, MD 214 at Loch Haven Road in Mayo, and a road widening on Mountain Road in Pasadena.


The county council will have until mid June to deliberate on the budget. Check out the May print edition of the Pasadena Voice for more insight on these and other priorities included in the proposal.

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