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  • The Shops at Riviera Beach, currently occupied by Metro PCS and the law office of Trevor Kiessling and Leo Hylan, will soon be full with the addition of a UPS store and Everhart Veterinary Hospital.
    Zach Sparks
    The Shops at Riviera Beach, currently occupied by Metro PCS and the law office of Trevor Kiessling and Leo Hylan, will soon be full with the addition of a UPS store and Everhart Veterinary Hospital.

The Shops At Riviera Beach Moves Closer To Full Capacity

Zach Sparks
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June 14, 2017

Raise your hand if you have seen an empty storefront in Pasadena recently? If you’re reading this article, chances are that your hand is raised.

After a long search to find tenants for The Shops at Riviera Beach, located at 8482 Fort Smallwood Road, MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services has finished leasing its available spaces, bringing that number of empty Pasadena stores down slightly.

According to Ginny Vernick, vice president of brokerage at MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services, Everhart Veterinary Hospital will fill two of the three 1,400-square-foot suites that were available. Everhart also owns a facility in Brooklyn. A UPS franchisee will open shop in the last unit, giving the shopping strip four businesses including two that are already open: Metro PCS and a law firm owned by Trevor Kiessling and Leo Hylan.

Vernick expects the two additions to move in before the end of 2017. “They all serve the community and provide services that the community needs,” Vernick said.

Kiessling said The Shops have provided great exposure for his law firm so far. Both Kiessling and Hylan are longtime Pasadena residents who previously operated out of a less visible building further along Fort Smallwood Road on the other side of the Stoney Creek Bridge.

“Leo and I have been looking for years to move into a new location closer to the heart of the peninsula,” Kiessling said. “How [our old office] was set up over there, it was a single structure with an entrance in the back. … Even though we had a sign up and the like, accessibility is important. It’s nice to be at this location because it is busy. We get a lot of people dropping in to say hello and ask questions, and we welcome that. Now the people going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s are looking right at us.”

With 27 years of practicing law together, Kiessling and Hylan specialize in family law, divorce and custody, criminal defense, estate planning and more. “We do the whole gamut of a professional practice of law,” Kiessling said.

Two spaces down from Kiessling and Hylan, Metro PCS is a wireless provider that supplies phones, no-contract plans, accessories and repair service.

Pasadena Business Association Executive Director Sandi Parrish said that “PBA is pro-business, so we are happy to see new businesses of any kind,” but she had no further comment.

Pasadena Voice Facebook followers were not shy about sharing their opinions. Jen Gaynor Aierstock wrote that she “would have loved a Starbucks, but I'm just happy it won't be yet another empty space. We already have so many. Now they need to figure out that Mars shopping center. It's an eyesore.”

Bethany Tyler agreed by saying, “Actually I'm OK with the UPS store, and if it was a reasonable, good vet, that would be convenient. Anything's better than empty.”

Not everyone was happy. “I find it disappointing. Just another waste of money and space,” wrote Kimberly Coley. “I would love to have a few boutique shops, maybe a coffee shop (not Starbucks) owned by a local. A nice gourmet sandwich shop. Something different than what we already have.”

The most popular suggestions were Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and Chipotle, with Panera Bread and “locally owned coffee shop” also garnering multiple votes. Overall, Facebook users cited a range of desired businesses from Smoothie King to Chuck E. Cheese to a bail bonds service.

“We need more healthy fast-food choices,” shared Staci Kahler Sylvia. “Jersey Mike's or Jimmy Johns would have been great! Even Chipotle, you can make healthy choices. Another UPS store and vet … we don't really need but maybe those on that side of Pasadena will benefit from them.”

Mars Shopping Center And Wendy’s

A spokesperson for MFI Realty said that the company is in negotiations with a business that will potentially occupy the spot vacated by Mars Supermarket, but MFI Realty cannot disclose the name of that business until the lease is signed.

Rumors have swirled about a Chick-fil-A moving into the former Wendy’s spot on Fort Smallwood Road. Brenda Morrow, manager of External Communications for Chick-fil-A Inc., said that no change is imminent.

“We are always evaluating potential new locations in the hopes of serving existing and new customers great food with remarkable service,” Morrow said. “We would very much like to have more locations in the Pasadena area, but we have no new locations to confirm at this time. In the meantime, we invite guests to visit one of our existing restaurants in the Pasadena area.”

The lone existing Pasadena Chick-fil-A is located at 8110 Jumpers Hole Road.

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