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Blast From The Past

Zach Sparks
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November 10, 2017

Have you ever read a great novel, only to be dismayed at the discovery of a cliffhanger? Have you ever glanced over a news article, only to wonder what happened to the child prodigy with Broadway aspirations or the old lady who lived in a shoe? (OK, maybe that last example wasn’t from a news story).

The Voice staff is looking back at stories covered in past years to bring you an update or reflect on events that shaped the community. This month, we revisited articles on a Pasadena singer-songwriter and children’s book author.


Pasadena Teen Embarks On Musical Career With Upcoming EP Release
Print Date: November 5, 2014

Before Shelby Celine learned to multiply numbers or discovered what planets orbited the solar system, the Pasadena native was enamored of singing. But a fear of live performances hindered her from sharing her ability until she reached adolescence. As a 19-year-old that split her time between Riviera Beach and Florida, she launched her first EP, an untitled collection of songs that showcased not only her voice but also her guitar prowess and songwriting abilities.

“Personally, I don't try to describe or categorize my music simply because it varies so much,” Celine said in 2014. “I could write an indie-styled song one day, a pop song the next and a pop/rock song after that … The songs tell how I'm feeling, and they're definitely full of emotion that I like to think people can relate to.”

Celine took her career in a new direction over the last few years, leading the band Crashing Atlas. An electronic pop-rock outfit, Crashing Atlas shared its five-song debut, “Ascend,” in September 2017.

Guitarist Doug Jokerst talked about the band’s concept for “Ascend,” relating the term to progress in relationships, jobs, or even spirituality.

“Every song on the EP has that theme of ‘I will go further, even if you are holding me down’ vibe to it,” Jokerst said. “As far as the state of the world, I wrote the song ‘Savages’ as my statement to what I think the world is in 2017. It really is a beautiful place with dark moments sprinkled in. The verses have a dark and eerie tone to it. But when the chorus hits, there is a leaping faith of hope that hits you in face.

“We set out to make a record that had something for everyone,” he added. “Felix, Chris, Nick and myself have always had this hard driving sound with diverse influences from each of us. We wanted to collide that with some pop sensibility. The way I write songs made it perfect to bring in a female singer that could transcend that.”

While Celine was the ideal singer for “Ascend,” she parted ways with the band shortly after the release of the EP.


Characters Navigate Through Trouble In Children’s Fantasy Tale
Print Date: July 16, 2014

After producing five picture books and a chapter book, Pasadena author Nancy Kunhardt Lodge finally reached her goal of telling a fairy tale with the book “The Crystal Navigator: A Perilous Journey Through Time.” Lodge hoped her whimsical tale about a clever 11-year-old girl and a talking corgi would make art exciting for children.

As the granddaughter of Dorothy Kunhardt, who produced “Pat the Bunny,” Lodge did not lack imagination when weaving her story. “The Crystal Navigator” was the first in a planned series of at least three parts. The initial installment involved the themes of friendship, fear, making mistakes and finding the magic that lives in every person.

Following a failed oral report and subsequent humiliation, Lucy Nightingale receives an assignment to explain the personalities of five famous authors. Lucy summons a magic Wise One to assist her with time travel. A loveable, articulate corgi named Wilbur (patterned after Lodge’s own dog) appears, and together they traverse to 15th-century Florence with the help of the magic Navigator device created by Wilbur.

Released in October 2017, the second book in the planned trilogy, “Mona Lisa’s Ghost,” continues to follow Lucy and her hair-raising adventures with Wilbur. During a class video about the “Mona Lisa,” Lucy and her friend notice that the painting is melting. Once the painting is stolen, Lucy must solve the mystery of its disappearance by trekking through the ghost-infested catacombs of Paris and wading through underground rivers.

“Mona Lisa’s Ghost” is available on Amazon in softback and electronic formats.

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