July 17, 2018
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A Day In The Life Of A Legislator

Senator Bryan Simonaire
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July 12, 2017

When a legislator is in session for 90 days starting in January, it is like a rollercoaster. The pace starts a little slow while the legislation is being drafted, and then all of a sudden, lawmakers are speeding down the tracks of session. On the 90th day, session halts abruptly like a rollercoaster stops at the end of the ride.

There are big and small victories along the path to the final day. At the conclusion, we count our victories and lick any wounds suffered during our defeats. You see, no one has all victories, but we strive to change Maryland for the better.

On a side note, I have always offered an open invitation for anyone to visit with me during session and see the action firsthand. It is truly an amazing process in a historic setting. Many have taken me up on the offer, and others view from afar through newspaper articles and social media.

Many people know what happens during a legislative session, but many do not realize the work that goes on when we are not in session. Most legislators also have a full-time job outside the General Assembly, unless they make politics their career and don’t need to work. I prefer to work because it betters me, helps me relate to my fellow constituent, and yes, pays the bills.

I am a computer engineer with a master’s degree from Loyola University, and I just celebrated 32 years of employment. Therefore, for the remaining nine months, I work full-time at my day job. Now, do not get me wrong, we are constantly on call. As the sun sets or a daytime request comes in, other legislators and I continue to serve the people of our districts in addition to our other job. It is made easier by wonderful staff members who help our constituents.

To give you an idea of our activities, during the past two months Delegate Meagan Simonaire, Delegate Nic Kipke and I have attended a plethora of community association meetings after work, participated in high school graduations housed in Pasadena and even commuted to Prince George’s County for other local graduations, joined in programs with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, had policy meetings with the county executive, met with plenty of constituents dealing with issues, negotiated with Maryland departments of the executive branch on behalf of our constituents, attended Opening Day of local sports teams, marched in parades, helped celebrate grand openings of local businesses, gone to community days, briefed the business community of legislative outcomes, and so many other things.

While we work at least 40 hours a week at our normal jobs, it is our privilege to also work hard to represent our constituents. Given there are nearly 100 community associations in my district, you can imagine how challenging it is to be at every meeting. Of course, we are active in our local schools and with so many other activities.

While we cannot possibly be at every event, we try to divide the load between our team. This allows us to share the information, listen to the community and be part of it in a much more effective way.

That being said, we love representing the best people in the world right here in our district and encourage you to invite us to any of your events or allow us to help celebrate a wonderful accomplishment with you or a friend with an official state citation.

Yes, we are legislators and we love passing good laws, repealing bad laws and making other laws better, but at the end of the day, it is all about you. Take time to share your views, ideas, concerns or events with our offices. You can reach me at bryan.simonaire@senate.state.md.us or call me at 410-841-3658.

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