April 27, 2017
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Letter To The Editor

April 19, 2017

I was very disappointed to see that the Voice published State Senator Bryan Simonaire's opinion piece regarding his legislation providing service animals for veterans.

Senator Simonarie's piece insinuates that his legislation is designed to stop suicides. However, as we have documented at www.RedMaryland.com, Simonaire's bill isn’t actually about suicide. It’s about service dogs. In fact, one of the provisions of Simonaire’s bill gives nonprofit entities engaged in the training of service dogs for veterans the right to terminate the ability for a disabled veteran to receive a service dog if the nonprofit entity believes that the disabled veteran’s participation in the program and the use of a service dog is detrimental to the well-being of the animal or the disabled veteran.

The bill is a noble one, but Senator Simonarie's attempt to exploit the real and serious issue of suicides by veterans for political gain is disgusting and disturbing. Simonaire seeks to use these veterans as political pawns in an effort to boost his standing for re-election in 2018. It's part of a disturbing trend where Senator Simonaire focuses first and foremost on getting his name in the paper and trying to build a family political dynasty instead of being an effective senator standing up for the conservative principles he claims to hold.

The people of Pasadena would be well served if Senator Simonaire stopped exploiting veterans for political gain, stopped worrying about getting press attention, and did his job. Maybe it's something for Senator Simonaire, who promised voters he would only serve two terms, to think about as he prepares to run for his fourth term.

Brian Griffiths
Editor in Chief

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