August 10, 2018
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Local Results In The Primary Election

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June 27, 2018

The results are in following the primary election yesterday, June 26, and here are the names that will be on the ballot for local offices this coming November.

County Executive
Steve Schuh (R)
Steuart Pittman (D)

County Council - District 3
Nathan Volke (R)
Debbie Ritchie (D)

Delegates - District 31B
Brian Chisholm (R)
Nic Kipke (R)
Harry Freeman (D)
Karen Simpson (D)

Senator - District 31
Bryan Simonaire (R)
Scott Harman (D)

State's Attorney
Wes Adams (R)
Anne Leitess (D)

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Doug Arnold (R)
Scott Poyer (D)

Register of Wills
Lauren M. Parker (R)
Joseph J. Janosky (D)

Judge of the Orphans' Court
Maureen Carr-York (R)
Nancy Phelps (R)
Alan Rzepkowski (R)
Vickie Gipson (D)
Torrey Jacobsen (D)

Jim Fredericks (R)
James Williams (D)

Board of Education - District 5
Dana Schallheim (nonpartisan)
Terry R. Gilleland (nonpartisan)

Judge Of The Circuit Court
Claudia Barber (nonpartisan)
Mark Crooks (nonpartisan)

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