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Locally Owned Coterie Boutique To Open In Magothy Gateway

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May 18, 2017

Coterie (pronounced koh-tuh-ree, meaning a group of people who share common interests) is coming to Magothy Gateway. The business opened the doors to its first store in 2014 to bring high-quality fashion (not consignment) to the area. Owner Bess Clark longed for the array of clothing boutiques available in Los Angeles, and she decided she would create her own in Maryland. Now, Clark and her staff are expanding their location to Magothy Gateway, a new shopping center located at the intersection of Magothy Bridge Road and Ritchie Highway near Earleigh Heights. The new shop will be more accessible to the entire community and will feature more clothing, shoes and accessories to cater to the dynamic array of women Coterie has come to serve. The styling practices will be better than ever, as Coterie now employs eight women who have been trained and versed in the Coterie tradition of one-on-one styling.

Clark always wanted to have a fashion business that was the antithesis of retail, and this store will allow more people to enjoy the value, versatility and beauty of her collections each season. She is expanding her vision to a location that will allow her to foster and grow more of the small independent labels she is now known for, continue to stay two steps ahead of major retailers while supporting a network of U.S.-based designers and small businesses. While Clark said it’s “bittersweet” to leave her Mountain Road shop, she is proud of the success of her small startup and the opportunity to expand to such a beautiful new location.

A special ribbon cutting and reception is currently being planned.

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