August 19, 2018
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What Water Independence Means For Our County

Steve Schuh
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December 5, 2017

Recently, we celebrated a historic milestone for Anne Arundel County: water independence. Now, as a result of these infrastructure upgrades, county government can directly supply every resident on public water with top-grade county-treated water.

This landmark breakthrough is yet another example of our transformation from a small, rural backwater county in the 1960s to a major jurisdiction in our state and the nation. I believe becoming a jurisdiction with a self-sustaining water infrastructure system is another step up the ladder toward statewide leadership.

Ensuring every citizen has access to county-treated water not only is a milestone but also will bring long-term savings to county government. The 10-year effort will secure more than $8 million in annual savings to our county as our Department of Public Works (DPW) will no longer be forced to rely on Baltimore City to provide water at a higher price for our residents in Brooklyn Park and other northern parts of the county.

Water independence allows us also to ensure better-quality water for our citizens. Every citizen of Anne Arundel County will now have the opportunity to enjoy water treated by state-of-the-art, nationally recognized standards.

In addition, providing our own water supply to all our citizens ensures a more reliable water service. Preventive and proactive measures taken by our Public Works team include protective treatment methods and more rapid replacement of aged galvanized pipe. We are securing this commitment to superior water quality by investing more than $148 million in water system upgrades, including $25 million to replace aged water pipe infrastructure, over the next six years.

We would not have been able to achieve this milestone without the hard work of DPW Director Chris Phipps and his team. Their commitment to this water infrastructure upgrade made it possible for our county to achieve this goal ahead of schedule.

With every capital upgrade we make and every brick we lay, our county moves closer to reaching its full potential. And we are committed to ensuring a better quality of life for citizens in every corner of Anne Arundel County.

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