June 25, 2018
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Working With Governor Hogan

Delegate Meagan Simonaire
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February 22, 2017

Each session has its unique attributes, and this session is no different. There is a sense that we can really improve the quality of life for Marylanders under the leadership of Governor Larry Hogan.

The governor has asked for assistance from senators and delegates from both sides of the aisle. Helping Maryland should not be about what party or politician gets the credit, but it should be about advancing good ideas that benefit the people of Maryland. That has been my goal since I arrived in Annapolis.

In every legislature, you will find those flocking to cameras or running to reporters for a quick sound bite that plays well. I prefer working diligently behind the scenes for my constituents. They see me at their community association meetings, fundraisers to help the homeless, small-business grand openings, student graduation ceremonies, Halloween parades and so many other places.

I have a wonderful chief of staff who works harder than anyone will know, but again, it’s not about being seen – it’s about doing the work of the people. Of course, part of the work of the people is legislation.

This year, Governor Hogan has put forth a robust legislative agenda, and he needs senators and delegates to help him succeed. I was glad to assist in his initiatives. To give him all the support I can, I have co-sponsored the following legislation: Repeat Drunk Driver Penalties Act; Military Retirement Income Tax Relief Act; Cybersecurity Investment Act; Hometown Heroes Act for Police, Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services Personnel; More Jobs for Marylanders Act; Student Debt Relief Act; the road kill bill repeal; Clean Cars Act; P-Tech Schools for Students Act; Clean Water Commerce Act; Protecting Victims of Sex Trafficking Act; Higher Penalties for Distribution of Opioids Resulting in Death Act; and the Public Charter School Act.

There are so many topics being proposed this session. Issues range from tax breaks to helping victims to education to jobs, and the list goes on. This is on top of the legislation I am sponsoring this session.

Some may wonder how we can track all the different legislative initiatives that go on in Annapolis. The simple answer is passion, hard work, organization and a great staff. I thoroughly enjoy serving the public and being your representative. We can make such positive change if we are just willing to put forth the effort and give 110 percent toward the betterment of Maryland.

I hope Annapolis will resist the temptation to behave like Washington, D.C., by bringing petty partisan politics to our chambers. We should be better than that, and I will work for the good of the people and focus on accomplishing great things this session.

Let me publicly thank Governor Hogan for his leadership. As a Republican, it is easy to work with the governor, but it is refreshing to see a politician put the people first and try to work with everyone willing to help Marylanders.

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