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AACPS Surpasses State Average In 13 Of 14 Areas On PARCC Assessments

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September 20, 2017

The percentage of Anne Arundel County Public Schools students who reached the level designated as College and Career Ready on their respective PARCC assessments surpassed the state average in 13 of 14 assessed areas, according to data released by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

MSDE requires school systems across the state to administer the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers assessments each year to students in grades three through eight and once in high school. Elementary and middle school students are assessed in English language arts (ELA) and math. Secondary school students are assessed at the time they take Algebra I and English 10.

Results from the 2016-2017 school year show that AACPS students surpassed state averages in all seven ELA and six of the seven math assessments. The largest differences on the ELA assessment came in third grade (16 percentage points) and fourth grade (9.7 points). In math, the largest differences came in middle school, where seventh-graders surpassed the state average by 9.4 points and sixth-graders did so by 7.4 points.

Compared to the previous year, AACPS students posted significant gains on the English 10 assessment, where the percentage of students who earned a score of 4 or 5 – high enough to be designated as on track for college and career readiness – rose by 11 points to 56.5 percent. Among student groups, the percentage of students scoring 4 or 5 increased by 17.1 points for multi-racial students, 13.3 points for white students, 13.4 points for Asian students, and 9.8 points for African-American students.

“The results released today show that we have made significant strides in helping our students get to a level where they are college and career ready,” Superintendent George Arlotto said. “However, they also show that we have a lot of work to do in order to help every one of our students get to that level.”

Ten schools showed double-digit growth in the percentage of students scoring a 4 or 5 on one or both assessments. They are:

·         Elementary ELA: Broadneck Elementary School, 13.1 points; and Seven Oaks Elementary School, 10 points

·         Middle School ELA: Chesapeake Bay Middle School, 11.6 points; Severn River Middle School, 11.5 points; and Arundel Middle School, 11.4 points

·         Middle School Algebra I: Brooklyn Park Middle School, 22.4 points; Arundel Middle School, 12.1 points; and Chesapeake Bay Middle School, 11.7 points

·         High School English 10: Severna Park High School, 37.9 points; Northeast High School, 26.8 points; Arundel High School, 18.4 points; and South River High School, 11 points.

Specific school information can be found at www.mdreportcard.org

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