October 19, 2018
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  • For Chesapeake volleyball player Kexin Wang, being a senior comes with more responsibility but also more determination to succeed at sports.
    Photo by Ally Fisher
    For Chesapeake volleyball player Kexin Wang, being a senior comes with more responsibility but also more determination to succeed at sports.

Fall Activities Are Back In Full Swing, Cougar Style

Ally Fisher
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September 18, 2018

What would the start of the school year be like without sports and clubs? We went to the seniors at Chesapeake High for answers.

Early August signaled the start of many fall sports, an exciting time for all high school fall athletes but also a bittersweet time for seniors. Lindsey Peterson is in her final season of fall cheerleading. “It’s different this year, but in a good way,” Peterson said. “I get to lead by example, and everything I do is more bittersweet and important as it’s my last time ever doing it.”

The 11-time state champs practice twice a day almost every day of the week to prepare for tough competitions and football games. Every Friday, they cheer on the football team, which also frequently practices twice a day. The last couple of years, Chesapeake has built a stronger football team with the help of many upcoming seniors.

“We have to practice twice a day some days of the week to better prepare for the season,” explained senior kicker Colton Spangler. “There’s a lot of us and a lot of potential for this year.”

Sharing the turf with the football players are the back-to-back state champs: members of the field hockey team. Since tryouts, the team has been practicing mostly in the mornings. One of the seven seniors is Mason Frechtel, who said, “We always try to have a positive and hardworking attitude toward the underclassmen because it makes it fun yet serious since our main goal is to get back to that championship game and become three-time state champs!”

Practicing at the same time as field hockey is cross country. Senior Nolan Koch explained how running cross country for the last time feels different compared with years past. “It’s weird being the oldest because all the seniors feel like leaders,” Koch said. “The coaches expect a lot more from us now and know what we can and cannot do.”

Returning to the turf is boys and girls soccer; both teams have had steady seasons in recent years and are looking to improve. With many seniors, it seems as if the teams will have success in guiding underclassmen.

“There’s definitely a role change,” explained senior Christian Carloss. “We’ve always looked up to seniors, but now the younger players look up to us.” The boys soccer team has been practicing every day, whether it’s in the morning or evening, while girls soccer practices every afternoon.

The golf team practices in the afternoon, and its four seniors plan to have another successful season.

Heading into the gym is the volleyball team, which has four seniors, along with many talented underclassmen. “Being a senior now changes a lot of things, such as more responsibility, and the feeling of it being your last year makes you more competitive and hungry to win,” shared Kexin Wang.

The tennis team also started its season in September. “It’s going to feel weird being a senior, but I’m excited to start practicing every day, along with a couple matches a week,” Dacia Sain said.

Dance had tryouts back in March. “The one thing that will be different this year is that I will have more responsibilities, like I have to choreograph dances, including senior dances,” said senior Kayla Stanley.

Mondays and Thursdays after school will be their time to prepare for dance performances, such as pep rally.

The marching band this year has been hard at work, practicing since June. “It’s really sad it’s my last season, but I am thankful for the time I’ve had, and I am looking forward to a great season,” said senior Simone Boggs, who is one of only three seniors in the marching band. Members prepare every season at band camp, which is held at Chesapeake in early August.

Last but not least is Chesapeake’s skilled choir, which never fails to be a success. Senior Laura Fisk is in multiple choir classes at school, which is effective practice for her performances.

“It’s going to be my last shows and concerts with some of my favorite people, so it’s going to be very bittersweet,” Fisk explained.

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