February 21, 2018
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  • This month, we asked Mrs. Studwell’s class, “If you could invite any person (past or present) to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?”
    This month, we asked Mrs. Studwell’s class, “If you could invite any person (past or present) to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?”

Question Of The Month: Bodkin Elementary School

Zach Sparks
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November 10, 2017

Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mrs. Studwell’s at Bodkin Elementary answered the question:

If you could invite any person (past or present) to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?


I would like to have Thanksgiving dinner with my brother Cole. I have never met him before, but I think it would be cool to see what he looks like and what his personality is like.

Jaylee Call

My great-grandma Kay because I heard that she was a good, caring, loving person. I never got to meet her because she died before I was born.

Megan Clark

I would invite my favorite YouTube family because they make me happy and they see me through the tough times. They also never make me sad and they are really nice people.

Carter Day

I would invite Abraham Lincoln because he is my favorite president. I love the hat and the beard.

William Dennison

Lily Hall because she is a really nice girl. And because she made dogs happy by making dog toys for them.

Madison Glenn

I would invite my cousins and siblings because, during Thanksgiving, we like to play board games together. We also like to play Wii bowling together.

Sophia Goldstein

My great-grandparents, who unfortunately passed away before I could meet them, because I hear amazing stories about how funny they were. My mom and my grandmother always say that they would have loved me and how much I would have loved them.

Lexi Hall

I wish I could invite my mom’s dad to Thanksgiving because I have never met him.

Lily Hall

I would invite the best teacher ever, Mrs. Studwell, because she is friendly, pretty, and she is just the best teacher a student could have!

Riley Haney

I would invite my family because they mean a lot to me and Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends, family and the ones you love most.

Noah Hendrickson

My granddad. He passed away, but I still would want to have Thanksgiving dinner with him. I would want to because I really miss him and he was really kind and funny.

Emma Hoffman

I would invite my grandma and grandpa because I had them at my house last Thanksgiving, and I love them because they are my grandparents.

Vincent Hooke

If I could invite anybody to Thanksgiving dinner, it would be my great-grandma Elizabeth. I got my middle name from her. She passed away and I would love to meet her one last time.

Suzy Hosse

I would invite Justin Tucker because I could watch him do the kickoff, and we could take turns kicking and he could give me tips.

Adam King

It would be my dad’s grandfather or my great-grandfather. I would invite him because I have heard so many great things about him.

Jilly Lawn

George Washington because I want to know how he became the president of the United States of America.

Heidi Lyons

If I could invite any person to Thanksgiving, it would be my grandfather because he passed away in 2015 and I have great memories with him.

Connor McAndrew

My great-grandmom because I have heard many great stories about her. If I could have Thanksgiving dinner with her, it would mean the world to me because she sounds so amazing.

Lilly McGinn

I would invite my family because it would be nice to hang out with them and eat the big dinner we always have.

Dylan Meacham

My great-grandma because she passed away before I was born, so I never got to meet her. My grandma always talks about how much she would love me.

Autumn Smith

I would like to invite my whole family because I never really see them that much and that would make me have a good Thanksgiving Day.

Camden Snyder

My Momo because she died in 2013 and she was very nice. Whenever we used to go to her house, she would have a cabinet full of cakes! She was, overall, my favorite grandma.

Brandon Sowers

My grandmother because she is so nice and could teach me a little Spanish and bring her granddaughter with her so we can play.

Liam Thomas

I would invite my old friend Gabby because I have not seen her in three years. Also, I miss her and she is important to me.

Kiara Weaver

I would invite my grandpa Doug because he died before I was born. I would like to get to know him and to just spend some time with him.

Cooper Welch

I would invite my Aunt Linda because I miss her. She passed away from a very bad sickness.

Caleb Welsch

My mom’s mom because I never met her because she died of cancer. I would also like to know that she was like. Her name was Diana.

Adriana Wood

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