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  • This month, Mrs. Dingman’s fifth-grade class answered the question, “If you could have dinner with three people, past or present, who would you choose?”
    Zach Sparks
    This month, Mrs. Dingman’s fifth-grade class answered the question, “If you could have dinner with three people, past or present, who would you choose?”

Question Of The Month: High Point Elementary

Zach Sparks
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February 22, 2017

Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, Mrs. Dingman’s class at High Point Elementary School answered the question:

“If you could have dinner with three people, past or present, whom would you choose?”


George Washington because I love social studies, my great-great-great-grandfather Oliver Hazard because I never got to meet him, and John Wilkes Booth because he assassinated Abraham Lincoln and I would like to know why he did it.

Devin Britton

First, Martha Washington, because I wonder what is like to be with a president. Second, Martin Luther King because he stopped segregation and I wonder what his backstory was. Third, Bernie Mac. He was a famous comedian and he inspires me to stay positive.

Prayer Brooks

Monica Abbot because she is a very good softball player and I want to see what inspired her to play softball, Rachel Renee Russell because she is the writer of “Dork Diaries” and that’s my favorite book, and Tim Burton because I think all of his movies are amazing.

Karina Chavis

Denzel Washington because I love his movie “Fences,” the Rock because he’s been in movies, TV shows and lots of things, and Barack Obama because he was the best president and the first black president.

Dacharvrick Collins

If I had to, I would pick Jack Septiceye because I would do anything to meet him and he is the funniest person. The next is Markiplier. He is funny too. My last one is my passed-away dad. If I only had one hour to live, it would be with him.

Avery Dyer

Alvin Schwartz because he makes scary storybooks and I would like to help him, Bruno Mars because he is my favorite singer and it is my dream to meet him, and Ariana Grande because she is my favorite girl singer and for dinner we would eat lasagna.

Nevaeh Edwards

My mom-mom, Dott, and my Grandma Elsy because they died and I miss them. The last person I would want to eat dinner with is Jack Septiceye because I think he is the funniest person in the world.

Landon Evans

I picked my dad because he passed away when I was 3 and I just want some more time with him. A Youtuber named Matthias because he is really funny, kind and has a great personality. My best friend, Hosanna, because we are really close, like sisters.

Aliya Farrell

My mom because I love her. She is amazing person inside and out. My dad because he is awesome and he looks out for us. My twin brother because his crazy, but I love him.

Jadynn Fifer

I would like to eat dinner with Annie Bradley because she is a famous YouTuber, Shawn Mendes because he is a famous singer and Ariana Grande because she was on my favorite show, “Sam and Cat and Victorious.”

Chelsey Frey

Megan McDonald because she wrote “Judy Moody” and I want to know how it felt to live with four older sisters, Barbara Park because I want to know what gave her the idea to write Junie B. Jones books, and Ariana Grande because I want to know why she acted on “Sam and Cat.”

Symantha Galloway

Verlisify because he is a good YouTuber who makes Pokémon videos, the Aura Guardian because I like to watch his Pokémon videos and they are funny and motivate me to make YouTube videos of my own, and the Munching Orange because he makes really good Pokémon videos on YouTube.

Joey Howell

George Washington because I want to ask if it was hard to start being president, Abraham Lincoln because he is my favorite president, and lastly, Martin Luther King’s wife because I want to know how she felt when segregation was going on.

Brooke Jolin

Malena because she is funny, Lauren because she is my friend and BFF, and Fi Fi because she is funny.

London Meyer

Hayley, Annie and Calab because they are famous YouTubers.

Mikal Mondshour

George Washington because he was the first president of the USA and I also want to know if we got every fact on him wrong, Abraham Lincoln because he freed the slaves and he has a cool top hat, and Ben Franklin because he discovered electricity and made many revolutionary things.

Lukas Nuckles

Usain Bolt because he’s the fastest man on Earth and he can give me running tips, Jeff Kinney because he is my favorite author, and Nikola Tesla because he helped invent lightbulbs and he made the famous Tesla coil.

Tyrell Raysor

Dantom because he is my favorite YouTuber, Randy Orton because he is one of my favorite WWE wrestlers, and Enzo because he is a WWE wrestler and he is funny.

Caleb Rock

I choose Abraham Lincoln because he is my favorite president. I also chose Albert Einstein since he was one of the smartest men alive. I chose Lemony Snicket because I want to see what he looks like and because he is my favorite author of “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Kirra Rodriguez

Albert Einstein because he discovered a lot of things about science, Lemony Snicket because he is the author of my favorite book series, and M.C. Escher because I want to ask him what inspired him to do a type of art called Tessellations.

Laiba Saeed

Kirra Rodriguez because she is my best friend. Rick Riordon because he is the author of my two favorite book series. Also, because I write my own books and want him to give me tips on my books. A Scholastic Book publisher because I want to try to publish my books.

Emily Sawyer

I would choose Logan W. because he is my best friend and is always funny. I would choose Nick C. because he is also my best friend and he always been there when I am sad. I would choose Hayden D. because he always makes me laugh when I am bothered by something.

Dylan Shaver

I want dinner with Michael Jordan because I like basketball and he is a famous player. I want to have dinner with Michael Jackson because I like his music and I like dance moves. I want to have dinner with Sticks because his is a good rapper.

Connor Smith

Jack Septicye because he is my favorite YouTuber. I love his green hair and he could bring Markiplier with him. I would pick my great-grandmother because I was a newborn baby when she died. Lastly, my great-grandfather because I never got to meet him either!

Fiora Smith

Topical Gamer because he is my favorite YouTuber. I want to have dinner with my Uncle Shaun because I love spending time with him. The last person I want to have dinner with is my Uncle Mike because I never spend time with him.

Matthew Speake

Albert Einstein because he could help me with math. Mom because I barely see her and she could help with my homework.

Ryan Waidner

My grandfather because he died when I was 2 years old and I never met him before. Martin Luther King Jr. because I want to meet the guy that took segregation. John F. Kennedy because when the secret service was starting up, I want to know what they were doing that was so secret.

Carmine Williams

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