July 18, 2018
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  • This month, we asked Ms. Winslow’s class, “What's something nobody else seems to like but you love and why?”
    Photo by Zach Sparks
    This month, we asked Ms. Winslow’s class, “What's something nobody else seems to like but you love and why?”

Question Of The Month: High Point Elementary School

Zach Sparks
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February 20, 2018

Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Winslow’s class at High Point Elementary answered the question:

What's something nobody else seems to like but you love and why?


I love lemons and lemon juice. People think lemons are sour, but they are not. They are sweet!

Emma Bachman

Something I really love is spicy things. Some people think that spicy food can blister and hurt your tongue, but as long as you are careful, spicy food can be delicious.

Charlotte Blyth

I love eating cheese at night because it makes me go to sleep. No one likes it because it’s weird.

Jake Brewis

Cows. People think they are ungrateful animals. They aren’t, though. They are helpful animals. Cows are awesome and cool. Moo!

Elysia Canton

I like to go outside and play every day and play games.

Xavier Dunlap

Something I love to do is help at school. Someone I love to help is Mr. E. I like to see him smile. Whenever we do something good, it makes me feel great. School rocks!

Athena Dyer

I love to eat peanut butter on my honey bun. It is sweet to eat. People may not like it because it is an odd thing to do.

Jaylen Evans

I love spiders! People think spiders are scary and hairy, but they are really cute. I love scary stuff.

Kelly Everhart

Something I really love is calamari! Many people think it is slimy and gross. I think it is really yummy.

Lola Foster

I love math so much that I do problems for fun, like 7,931,482 x 5 = 39,657,410.

Kayleigh Fyffe

The song “Otter Pop.” It seems no one likes it because of the singer and the person who made the music. I like it because it reminds me of Atlantis.

Jaime Howard

I really love books by Rick Riordan. People don’t read them a lot. They are very exciting and teach me about mythology. Rick Riordan makes really good books.

Ethan Hoyt

Something I love but other people might not like is playing football with my brothers Jaden and Cruz. It’s really fun. Other people don’t really like playing with their siblings.

Ava Humphrey

I love cats because they can make you laugh. Some people don’t like cats because they scratch you.

Saad Kaz-Albash

I like fluff-a-nutter. It’s a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. I like it because it’s so delicious. A lot of people think it’s gross, but I love it!

Savannah Knipple

Eating plain fluff out of the container. Some people think it’s too sweet, but I love it! Some people also don’t like marshmallows plain, either, which is what fluff is, but I think marshmallow and fluff are delicious.

Alyssa LeBarron

I love to play as catcher in baseball. Most of my friends don’t like baseball; they seem to like football way better. My friends who do like baseball usually never want to play as catcher. I am the first one to volunteer, though!

Gabriel Lewis

I like Roblox. I like it because it has games that I like. It mostly has a lot of games.

Bryan Reyes

I like to play power forward in basketball. I like it because I use my strength to get rebounds. People don’t like the position because you don’t get the ball as often.

Ryan Rose

Cartoon Network. It has some amazing shows, like “Adventure Time,” “Regular Show” and “The Amazing World of Gumball.” A lot of people think the shows are weird, but I think they have a good concept.

Derek Saavedra-Herrera

I love teacup pigs. They may seem dirty and gross, but they are cute. They also are smarter than dogs.

Tye Sawyer

I love middle linebacker. I get to tackle kids on the other team. It is my best spot to play in. I get to run a lot, catch the ball and return it for a touchdown.

Joseph Slattery

Something I really love is chickens. They are cute. We can eat them and have them as pets in barns and farms! Bok, bok.

Nicholas Ung

Some people say they hate school. But I love it because I get to be with friends. My teachers make learning a fun and cool experience.

Madison Weibe

I like monkeys because they hop around on trees. They say “oo, oo, aa, aa.” They are also very smart. Some people don’t like them because they think they are smelly.

Gavin Wilson

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