May 20, 2018
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  • This month, we asked Ms. Wilder’s class, “What is an invention that would make life in the future so much easier?”
    Photo by Zach Sparks
    This month, we asked Ms. Wilder’s class, “What is an invention that would make life in the future so much easier?”

Question Of The Month: Lake Shore Elementary School

Zach Sparks
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January 23, 2018

Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Wilder’s class at Lake Shore Elementary answered the question:

What is an invention that would make life in the future so much easier?


I would make a flying car so people would not have to be stuck in traffic and so that people could get to work faster.

Braydon Ambrose

Spray-on decorations or wrapping paper would make the holidays so much easier. For instance, you would not have to take a large amount of time wrapping presents and putting up decorations.

Lillian Barnum

Sometimes when you use a vending machine, the snack could get stuck, but we can make it so you have a spot or hole big enough to put your hand in there to get it.

Sean Boggs

An invisibility cloak from Harry Potter because then you could walk around and no one would see you. If you get lost somewhere, you could put it on and no one would kidnap you. It is also great for hide and seek. You would win every time!

Carrie Jo Chandler

Having time machines because people would be able to go back in time and change the past.

Mariah Danzer

I would make a teleportation device, a flying device to get around fast.

Oliver Deci

One invention that would make the future easier is turning on a phone with your voice. It will be harder for people to break into a phone.

Abigail Dicus

A new Alienware computer because gaming would bring better graphics and gameplay. Also, I'm tired of playing “Rainbow Six Siege” on console because it can barely register damage in a hit box.

Xander Dodd

Flying cars because there would not be accidents, you don't have traffic and you can go where you want to.

Harley Donaway

Teleportation could change everybody's opinion about cars. If people don't need cars that use gas then we will have a less-polluted environment. Also, we can get to places in a blink of an eye.

Aiden Francis

Teleporting powers because you could be going on a vacation that is like 10 hours away and you can just teleport to that place without sitting in the car being bored for 10 hours to get there.

Alayshea Grundy

To make the future easier, my invention would be a mind headset or glasses, because lying is a big problem, and finding more of the truth would make it easier to find out what is coming at us.

Samuel Hardison

A portable desk or table would be useful when all the tables at the cafe or library are taken. You could use it to eat or work on.

Alexandra Hoffmaster

Something to help the homeless to get a home, food and everything they need, like more jobs they can do if they can’t get around.

Matthew Jones

The invention that I would make is flying cars because it would make driving easier. There would be less traffic.

Destiny Joseph

I think an invention that would make a difference is a self-driving car because, say you are handicapped, it would be a big help to them.

Isaiah Love

Spray-on decorations. You could get stuff done quicker and spend more time with your family, or you all could decorate together.

Alison Muzik

A water solar panel. This would make life easier because it will help global warming. I know this would work because water has energy, therefore, we can use its energy as a renewable energy source.

Lillian Patrick

An automatic car that runs on electric. If you have a trailer or camper, you can just hang out and the car will just drive itself. Also, if it's a long drive, you can just sleep while the car drives!

Luke Phelps

The machine from “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” that gave food. If I wanted pancakes for breakfast and we are having eggs, I type in a code and I get pancakes.

Jamie Robertson

A self-driving bike would make life so much easier because you will not get tired and you will get where you need to go faster. Also, a potato-cutter because it will be safer and you will not cut your hand.

Christine Schmidt

One invention that would make life easier is a pair of shoes that can track you if you get lost so that the police can take you back to your family or home.

Isabel Schulze

One thing is a teleportation device. That way, you get from one place to the other without a really long car ride. Another thing the future needs is a cleanbot, a robot that will clean anything. It not only has a vacuum broom and duster; it has hands and can lift heavy things.

Maddison Sheets

A hoverboard that flies, because there would be less pollution. And shoes that make you run as fast as the Flash.

Maxwell Smith

My invention would be cars that can drive on the water, so there would not be a lot of traffic.

Christian Spoone

If auto-pilot was on cars, people could go to places super easier. And if there was an emergency, you could put on auto-pilot so that you could go to the hospital or another place.

Seth Wasmus

I would want flying cars. Do you know how people say hoverboards are “the next flying car?” Well, I think flying cars would prevent car crashes.

Mackenzie Weiland

An invention that would make like easier in the future is something that can change the weather. We would be able to prepare before stuff happens.

Nathan Wheeler

One invention that would make life easier in the future is a drive-yourself car, because you don't have to get in your car and drive it.

Grace White

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