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  • This month, we asked Mrs. Bieda’s class, “What is your favorite holiday tradition?”
    Photo by Zach Sparks
    This month, we asked Mrs. Bieda’s class, “What is your favorite holiday tradition?”

Question Of The Month: Solley Elementary School

Zach Sparks
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December 5, 2017

Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mrs. Bieda’s class at Solley Elementary answered the question:

What is your favorite holiday tradition?


My favorite tradition is on Thanksgiving. We always go on the trips to my family members’ houses and see my cousins that I have not seen for a long time. Also, the food is so good, I love it so much!

Peyton Allen

Opening a small present on the first day of December every year. Last year, I got a phone case. It gets me into the Christmas spirit!

Abigail Bushee

My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas when I go to my cousin Jacob and Joey’s house. Also, I get to open presents with my family at my mom’s house and play with my toys. I love Christmas.

Ryan Bushee

Wearing a special pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. My mom always gets me, my sister, my brother and my brother’s girlfriend a pair of pajamas. We sleep in them and wear them when we open gifts on Christmas morning.

Kylie Byrd

My favorite holiday tradition is when my mom, dad and I bake cookies. I love to bake, and after we are done, I get to taste-test the cookies!

Aislinn Carter

Giving and getting presents on Christmas. I love that my family dresses up for Christmas each year. This year, I got a pretty, long red dress.

Trinity Crouch

A few weeks before Christmas, we put up the tree and decorate it with bobbles, red and green beads on a long string that we wrap around the tree. After, we always drink hot chocolate and eat the cookies my mom makes, like Hershey’s Kisses and sugar cookies.

Amaya Cruz

My favorite holiday tradition is going to Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas. I have fun with my cousins, go on water slides and spend time with my family.

Ronnie Day

Putting ornaments on the Christmas tree. I decorate the tree at my house and my mom-mom’s. My mom-mom always wants her tree to be perfect.

Leland Everhart

Our holiday tradition is waking up early in the morning for Christmas. We love to open presents at 7:00am!

Kyleigh Frank

My family has many holiday traditions, but I love going to the tree farm and cutting down the perfect tree. We also get to put ornaments on the tree. Our family has a lot of cool ornaments — we even have one from Hawaii.

Ryder Graves

My favorite holiday tradition is eating the tasty food my mom makes. She makes yummy buns and delicious turkey.

Christopher Hernandez

My favorite family holiday tradition is to have a giant feast.

Darius Hill

Every Christmas before we open presents, my brother, my sister and I make breakfast and it is always delicious.

Isaiah Irons

My favorite holiday tradition is when my family drives to my relative’s house for Christmas. I get to see family in North Carolina. We open presents and I get to hang out with family.

Dawson Johnson

Spending holiday time with my family while we decorate the house for Christmas, put up the tree and make gingerbread houses.

Jackson Kuehne

Hanging ornaments on the tree with my family. We all have a special ornament. My dad has a football, I have a basketball, my mom has a shoe, and last but not least, my sister has a pink ballerina princess.

Caleb Moreau

Wrapping gifts up and putting them under the tree. I love this time because I get to share it with my mom. Later, she takes pictures of me opening presents and records me singing.

Sophia Paschall

Making and eating special holiday dinners. We cook all day and make tons of food. We make almost everything homemade. Anything homemade is usually the best, in my opinion.

Crystal Ramsburg

My favorite holiday tradition is putting up our Christmas tree. I love putting the topper on the tree. It is a special Ravens topper from my uncle, and it helps me remember special times with him and my family.

Alaina Randall

Traveling to all the different family houses and getting the presents from my relatives. I love it because I get to spend my whole day with family.

Izabella Scheeler

My favorite holiday tradition is eating turkey on Thanksgiving and having marshmallows, too. I also like that my family plays basketball on Thanksgiving.

Anthony Sheehan

On Christmas, my favorite tradition is visiting with family. I love my family because it is a big family, and I get to visit with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

Gabrielle Shertzer

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I love the big balloons and the floats, and I love the dancers. We invite family over and I talk with my friends.

Hunter Stormo

My favorite holiday tradition is trick-or-treating. It is so much fun to have so much candy.

Tyler Vining

My favorite holiday tradition is around Christmas. We go around in our car and look at other people’s Christmas decorations.

Julia Vinje

The party my family throws every Christmas. We always have certain outfits, and we always decide what color the boys will wear and what the girls wear. Also, the adults always cook holiday food and the kids go and play.

Zymira Walker

My favorite holiday tradition is watching a movie in the theater every Christmas Day.

Ayla Weseman

My favorite holiday tradition is getting to make special Christmas cookies with my family. This year, I am going to make a peppermint-drop cookie. I think my dad will love it!

Kyleigh Whetzel

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