August 12, 2018
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  • Photo courtesy Allison Fleck
  • Photo courtesy Allison Fleck
  • Photo courtesy Allison Fleck
  • Photo courtesy Allison Fleck

Sunset Elementary Solves Real-World Problems With PYP Exhibition

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June 12, 2018

In the final year of the PYP (Primary Years Program) at Sunset Elementary, students create a project known as the PYP exhibition. This involves students working collaboratively to conduct an in-depth inquiry into real-life issues or problems. Students work together to synthesize all of the elements of the PYP in ways that can be shared with the whole school community. On May 24, Sunset fifth-graders shared their exhibits, focusing on issues like plastic pollution in local waterways, quality of drinking water at the school, deforestation, how to protect the Maryland blue crab, the impact of drug education programs in schools, homelessness and animal abuse. Not only did the groups present information but many of them also collected donations of items specific to their issue. The PYP exhibition ran smoothly thanks to teachers Amber Wilkins, Charity Crawford and Allison Fleck.

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