October 17, 2018
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  • Northeast's Troy Owens, center, with teammates Nate Stephens (left) and Alex Weister. Owens' third career 300 came at this winter's county championships on February 9.
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    Northeast's Troy Owens, center, with teammates Nate Stephens (left) and Alex Weister. Owens' third career 300 came at this winter's county championships on February 9.

Athlete Spotlight: Troy Owens, Northeast Bowling

Colin Murphy
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February 21, 2018

As the afternoon wore on, more and more eyes turned to Northeast’s Troy Owens.

A sophomore on the Eagles’ unified bowling team, Owens was having a fine outing at the county championships at Annapolis Bowling Center on February 9, rolling strike after strike after strike.

As the frames passed and the end of his game drew closer, Owens still hadn’t missed.

“Everyone was watching and the whole bowling center was quiet,” said Owens. “I kept thinking to myself, ‘Don’t screw this up, don’t screw this up.’”

He didn’t screw it up. In front of excited teammates and peers, Owens rolled 12 strikes in a row to achieve a coveted feat for any avid bowler: a score of 300, also known as a perfect game.

It was actually the third time Owens, a serious bowler who competes in three separate leagues in addition to competing with the Eagles, has bowled a perfect game. He bowled his first last May at the age of 15 and his second just a month ago at Greenway Bowl Center.

This most recent 300 came on a big stage in front of friends and teammates at the county championship.

“It was more nervous than the second one just because I had so many people watching me,” Owens said. “Afterwards, a bunch of the kids took pictures with me. It meant a lot to them. It was special to do it there.”

Owens is far from a bowling novice. He credits and thanks his dad, Troy Owens Sr., for getting him into the sport when he was 8 and for being his “number-one supporter” as he has steadily improved.

Owens has every intention to pursue bowling indefinitely.

“I want to bowl for college. That’s definitely a goal,” he said. “Maybe the Professional Bowling Association, I would hope to do that, but college definitely. I just want to go as far as I can with it.”

Owens said the accessibility of the sport is what he loves about it, as well as what has made it a perfect sport for students of all abilities through the county’s hugely successful unified bowling program. The program, now in its seventh year, teams students with special-needs peers to create an inclusive competitive-sports environment for everyone.

“It’s something that anyone can do. There are a lot of different styles and forms, and you’re going to see something different every time,” said Owens.

His participation in the program has been an enjoyable experience across the board, for the opportunity to play the sport he loves and share his talent and expertise with teammates.

“I work with them as best I can,” said Owens. “I do what I can, and when they [succeed], the looks on their faces makes me feel good.”



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