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  • Allisyn Marlee, a 2016 graduate of Chesapeake High School, is the newest member of the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad. Marlee was one of 33 women selected to the team after tryouts in March.
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    Allisyn Marlee, a 2016 graduate of Chesapeake High School, is the newest member of the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad. Marlee was one of 33 women selected to the team after tryouts in March.

Chesapeake Grad Will Cheer For Ravens

Colin Murphy
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May 17, 2017

Chesapeake cheerleading has long been the standard-bearer of cheerleading excellence in Maryland, so in many ways, it’s no surprise that one of the Cougars’ own recently ascended to the highest level of cheerleading: the National Football League.

Next fall, Ravens fans will recognize Pasadena native and 2016 Chesapeake alumn Allisyn Marlee (Note: not her real name; the Ravens requested that we not use the last name of cheerleaders in interviews and media to protect their privacy) on the sidelines at Ravens games, as she was selected to be one of the team’s 17 stunt females for next season.

The Ravens are the only NFL team to deploy a full stunt cheerleading team (in which cheerleaders are thrown into the air to perform flips and stunts) in addition to a dance team, so the hometown opportunity was the perfect fit for Allisyn. A current freshman at Towson University, Allisyn cheered since age 3 with the Panthers and went on to cheer at Chesapeake. She bypassed the opportunity to cheer in college and instead began thinking she could go bigger.

Allisyn answered questions about her journey to the peak of her sport.

Pasadena Voice: What are your favorite memories from your Panthers/Chesapeake cheerleading days?

Allisyn Marlee: Cheering for Panthers was basically my entire childhood. I grew up running around the fields with all my closest friends, just loving every second of it. Chesapeake cheerleading has been the best time of my life thus far. I won four state titles, was captain of my team for two years, and was able to cheer on varsity all four years with all of my best friends; I didn’t think it could ever get much better than that until now.

PV: What do you love about cheerleading?

AM: I love that cheerleading is constantly evolving, which allows for there to always be new goals and challenges to work toward.

PV: When did the idea of trying to become a Ravens cheerleader first come to you?

AM: I have dreamt about being a Ravens cheerleader since I was a little girl. I would go to Ravens games with my parents and be most excited about watching the cheerleaders, and wishing that I would be on the field one day.

PV: How did it come about that you started thinking, “Hey, maybe I really can be a Ravens cheerleader?”

AM: During my senior year of high school, I began seriously thinking about trying out for the Ravens. My whole life I have been a flyer on all-girl cheerleading teams, and with the Ravens stunt team being co-ed, I started my training process knowing I had a lot to learn and improve upon. I worked with a veteran Ravens cheerleader, and he helped prepare me for tryouts and increase my confidence in my ability.

PV: What was the tryout process, and how confident were you that there would be a spot for you after you did your tryout? How many other hopefuls were trying out for your spot?

AM: The tryout process consisted of four different rounds. I was confident in my performance at each round of tryouts, but knew that there were still many other exceptional cheerleaders that I had to compete against for my spot on the team. I believe auditions began with around 165 total cheerleaders, and about 60 females of the 165 were trying out for the stunt side of the cheerleading team, and 17 made the team.

PV: What was your reaction upon learning that you were selected? What were your emotions? What has the response from family/friends/community been like?

AM: Seeing my tryout number posted on the wall after the final round was a feeling that I will never forget. I could not believe that I was one of the females chosen for the stunt team; all the work was definitely worth it. I was filled with happiness because my dreams finally came true. My family, friends and community have been more supportive than I could ever ask for.

PV: What are you studying in school? What do you hope to be when you’re out of college?

AM: I am at Towson and I am currently studying elementary education. When I graduate from college, I hope to start my career as an elementary school teacher, followed by becoming an elementary school principal.

PV: What message do you give to younger girls, not necessarily who want to become a Ravens cheerleader, but who simply want to grow up and excel at whatever they pursue?

AM: A message that I would give to younger girls is to never give up on your dreams. No matter how difficult a journey may seem, anything is possible if you dedicate yourself to reaching your goals. Don’t underestimate yourself!

PV: Do you have anything you want to add?

AM: I currently coach a 14U cheerleading team at Panthers Athletic Club. It is so rewarding for me to directly share my experiences to a group of young girls and be an advocate for them in their pursuit to reach their own goals.

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