Historic Hancock's Resolution Looks To Build On The Past


By Dave Topp

Historic Hancock's Resolution rests by the end of Bayside Beach Road, nearly bordering the base of the Patapsco River. A rustic 26-acre farm filled with a rich history dating back to the mid 1600s, this property has provided Pasadena with its own national treasure.

On April 7, history buffs, spectators and visitors alike can take part in opening day at Hancock's Resolution.

The farm, which is closed for the winter, presents a wide variety of fun and interactive events throughout its calendar year. Currently, the farm is open to visitors only on Sundays.

“We are heavily spring- and fall-oriented in our programming,” said Jim Morrison, president of the Friends of Hancock’s Resolution. “When you get into the real heat of the summer, it's hard to bring people out.”

The Friends of Hancock's Resolution (FOHR) is a nonprofit organization created in 1997. In agreement with Anne Arundel County, the group is meant to preserve, promote and protect the farm's property.

The spring farm festival on April 28, Memorial Day musket firing demonstrations on May 26, and the remembrance of the War of 1812 on August 18 are just a few of the noteworthy events scheduled for Hancock's Resolution in 2019.

While there are several events visitors will anticipate, Morrison also noted the opportunity of visiting the farm on a non-event day.

“In truth, some of the best days are the days when there is no program,” Morrison said. “Because if we have a big program going on, things are bustling, but if you come on a day when there is going to be less of a crowd, then you have more time to talk about the history. If you're really interested in the history of our part of the world, I would advise you to come when there is no program.”

The most exciting thing about Hancock’s Resolution this year may not be an event or uninterrupted conversation; it could be the beginning of construction on the farm.

“We have a farm with no barn,” Morrison said. “Is there such a thing as a farm with no barn?”

Plans for this summer are now in place to start construction on an 1840s-style post-and-beam barn. Current plans are for the barn to be 40-by-60 feet, which is slightly larger than most barns of this style.

The barn would serve a dual purpose, as it will house animals but also work as a visitor center to anyone who visits Hancock’s Resolution. “That brings us completeness that we just didn’t have before,” Morrison added.

He is optimistic that when construction is complete, hopefully in one year, that the farm can open to the public more days over the course of the year.

“This is the biggest thing that has happened to us ever. This is quite sensational,” Morrison said.

For more information on the Historic Hancock's Resolution, visit www.historichancocksresolution.org.


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