Breathtaking Landscape Puts Hampton Chase in Full Bloom


Just off Fort Smallwood Road, Hampton Chase is a tucked-away community of just 36 homes not far from Hines Pond and Patapsco River.

Homes in this sought-after neighborhood don’t stay on the market long. The houses are large, mostly colonial and traditional-style homes built in the early 1990s, which sit on expansive 1- to 2-acre properties. Homeowners take great pride in landscaping and hardscaping their yards. The entire neighborhood is lit up in pink and white in the spring azalea season. Two common areas serve as great locations to gather for community events.

Children are just a short walk away from Fort Smallwood Elementary School, with Chesapeake Bay Middle and Chesapeake High School just two miles away.

Jon and Brianne Miller
Residents For Less Than One Year

Jon and Brianne Miller both grew up in Pasadena, so when they started their own family, they knew exactly where they wanted to be.

“We both grew up in Pasadena and have stayed because of the creeks, rivers and the bay, and to stay close to family. We love going boating and, of course, eating crabs,” said Brianne, who moved into Hampton Chase last summer. “We loved the huge properties and the wide streets. We wanted to have neighbors, but not feel like we were stacked on top of each other.”

As Pasadena natives, the Millers said they have always loved Pasadena, but Hampton Chase is special.

“The properties are huge, and it’s just a stone’s throw away from the Chesapeake Bay,” she added. “It’s also nice to be nestled back in the woods away from the busier areas of Pasadena.”

The Millers are also looking forward to community events with the family – and rabbit – once the weather is warm again.

“I have heard about the Easter egg hunt at one of the community properties, and we are looking forward to it,” said Brianne. “We even plan on bringing our 20-pound Continental Giant rabbit! He’s pedigreed and probably the largest rabbit in Maryland, weighing in at more than 22 pounds.”

As for her human neighbors, Brianne couldn’t be happier.

“All of our neighbors are very friendly. Several of them have been here since the beginning, and are sadly starting to slowly move away and retire,” she added. “It appears that younger families are taking over.”

The Millers purchased an elaborately landscaped property in the neighborhood, which has more than 400 azaleas.

“We had many tutorials from the previous owner on the upkeep; however, our neighbor has helped give us many more tips,” she said, anxiously awaiting peak bloom in April.

Eric and Rose Hughes
Residents For 15 Years

Eric and Rose Hughes arrived in Maryland in 1999 via southern New Jersey with new career opportunities. At that time they settled in Severn, but it wasn’t long before the couple got into boating and wanted to find a neighborhood that offered convenience to the water. In 2005, they moved to Hampton Chase.

The husband and wife love that Hampton Chase is a small community with spacious, park-like lots, close to Fort Smallwood Park, water access and great local restaurants.

“Hampton Chase provided close access to White Rocks Marina where we kept our boat at the time, and it also provided a beautiful park-like setting for every home,” said Eric. “We now keep our boat at the Bodkin Yacht Club, which is even closer and proves to be more sheltered from the elements.

“We feel at home in Pasadena. The people and communities are similar than the ones we grew up in, and they have a relaxed feel,” added Eric. “Pasadena is just far enough away from Baltimore and Annapolis to have a sense of rural tranquility. We rarely leave Pasadena during the week for dinner because we have so many great places to get a great meal and a drink.”

The couple naturally recommends Hampton Chase to anyone looking for a new home, but with the slow turnover of homes in this sought-after community, buyers have to move quickly.

“Typical to snow storms, most neighbors in most communities join to help each other and check on their welfare, Hampton Chase is no different,” said Eric of his friendly and helpful neighbors. “It’s the only reason I look forward to a snow storm.”

Don Treese
Resident For 28 Years

Don Treese’s family’s claim to Hampton Chase fame is that they were the last “original” family to move into the community, almost 28 years ago. “We chose the property first and then the house,” said Don. “We wanted some woods around us and also to be away from the mainstream. It’s pretty quiet here.”

As an original homeowner, Don has made lifelong friends and met a lot of people.

“I think what makes this community so unique is its families. We have always been close neighbors who watch out for each other. We are as involved in the community as we want to be,” he added. “All of us work hard to maintain the attractiveness of the community that was here when we arrived. You don’t see properties being neglected even after over 25 years.”

Don added that the community events were very entertaining and allowed neighbors to get to know each other and appreciate each other.

“Today, I shop here first. If I can get it locally, I do. I like the food at nearby restaurants, especially Old Bay-type wings and crab anything. The friends I have made in Pasadena are the best,” he said.

When Don’s wife passed away in 2017, he learned just how strong his Hampton Chase friendship had become.

“I was very surprised at the immediate outpouring from neighbors. Some of them I had not talked to recently. Yet, they reached out to tell me their story about my wife,” recalled Don. “I was even more surprised when flowers arrived. I know who did that and told him that I appreciated the gestures very much.”


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