Brookfield On The Magothy Is Off The Grid, But Near Everything


Brookfield on the Magothy is likely the most secluded neighborhood visited by the Pasadena Voice staff for the Neighborhood of the Month feature. It’s unique in that Brookfield Road was divided when Route 100 was built, so to find the community, drivers need to be on the “right side” of the highway.

Brookfield on the Magothy, like so many other waterfront communities in Pasadena, was originally populated by summer vacation cottages. Though many of the approximately 30 homes have been renovated, there are still a handful of quaint and adorable cottages of less than 1,000 square feet.

The yards are generally large and the trees are mature, providing an almost impenetrable canopy over the hidden neighborhood. Wildlife flourishes in Brookfield on the Magothy; bald eagles, osprey, foxes, deer, turtles, salamanders and geese are abundant, and they far outnumber the human inhabitants.

The community has Halloween costume and holiday parties each year. A small community boat ramp provides access to the upper Magothy River, north of the Magothy Bridge.
Neighborhood children attend Pasadena Elementary, Chesapeake Bay Middle and Chesapeake High School.

Dillon Lombardi
Resident for 10 Years

Dillon Lombardi was blessed to have loving relatives living in Brookfield on the Magothy after a life-changing event necessitated his move from Brooklyn Park. The differences in the two communities were evident from the start.

“I like the neighborhood because it’s very secluded yet in the middle of everywhere you need to be, and easily accessible to Route 100,” Lombardi said. “You can still see a lot of nature and wildlife, there are great views of the Magothy River, and [there is] easy access to the community beach.”

Lombardi said his favorite community amenity is privacy, though he does like to come out for the annual block party. He appreciates all of the small and family-owned businesses in the area, as well as the rich history of Pasadena.

“If you are into the country lifestyle then Brookfield on the Magothy is a perfect place to live,” said Lombardi, who lives on a private road maintained only by the residents. “Our neighbors are helpful and hardworking.”

Anna and Mike Jansen
Residents for Eight Years

Anna and Mike Jansen were looking for a fixer-upper in 2011 when they happened to stumble upon a 1920 brick colonial “speakeasy” in desperate need of repair. After growing up in Severna Park, Anna liked the idea of living on a quiet dead-end street on the water.
“I had never heard of Brookfield on the Magothy until we looked at this house,” Anna said.

“The house really picked us! We talked to people in the neighborhood and liked the laid-back, quiet surroundings. It is also very convenient to Route 100, and feels like you are in a rural setting, but you are in fact very close to all necessary conveniences.”

The Jansens operate a small hobby farm with a miniature donkey, miniature mule, goat, chickens and a goose. They renovated their home to three stories, giving them multiple levels of spectacular views of the river right in their backyard.

“If you are looking for a laid back, quiet pace of life with a rural setting, Brookfield is for you,” Anna said. “Folks are friendly and keep to themselves but are always there to help in a time of need.”

Anna said that during weather events, such as downed trees, deep snow or heavy rainfall, neighbors lend a hand. Most of the community roads are not maintained by Anne Arundel County, so maintenance depends on the residents.

Anna and Mike love to walk the few streets in Brookfield. “We are social and enjoy interacting with our neighbors,” Anna said. “We walk our dog, Molly, twice a day and know many of our neighbors as well as neighbors in the surrounding community. It’s always fun to introduce neighbors we know from our walks to their own neighbors who have never met.”

Sarah Tuley
Resident for 22 Years

Sarah Tuley and her husband chose Brookfield on the Magothy because of its proximity to BWI due to her husband’s job. Another requirement? Waterfront.

“We like that the community is private: One-lane road on a peninsula, private docks, boat ramp, and easy access on and off Route 100,” Tuley said. “Since we live very close to the Severna Park line, we are really close to everything.”

Tuley said that living on a private road allows residents to become close to their neighbors, and the tiny, secluded community provides a real feeling of safety, as well as privacy.

“You make lifelong friends here. We have to work together for snow or fallen tree removal, maintaining community property, maintenance on the road, etc.,” Tuley said. “Some of my fondest memories are working together to shovel our road! We watch out for each other, take care of each other’s pets and homes during vacations. There isn’t anything we could ask for and someone on the road not step up to help. It’s that type of community.”


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