Brown's Performance Center A Place To Travel Back In Time With Vintage Cars


By Laura Wiegmann
Whether you are an antique car enthusiast or just someone who loves to take a trip down memory lane, Brown’s Performance Showroom at 7154 Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie takes customers back in time to the good old days of automobiles.

Owned by the same people from the Brown’s Honda dealership next door, the showroom has nothing else in common with its next-door neighbor. This building, which used to be a Lazy Boy furniture store, now houses 40 to 50 “muscle” cars of bygone eras, including Chevelles, GTO’s, Corvettes and many others.
Generally ranging from the 60’s and 70’s, but with some that go back as far as the 20’s, the cars are bright and colorful, super shiny and fully restored. There’s a cherry red antique pickup truck, a street rod with a rumble seat, and a Chevy Roadster painted with flames of yellow, and made completely of fiberglass.
The sales manager, Sean, explained it’s “like an indoor climate controlled car show.” When asked which was his favorite? He said he preferred the 1972 Cuda best; while Matt, his sales consultant, favored the 1967 Camaro. Of course, when these are sold, they will have to pick new favorites, which could be challenging.
All three of the car professionals at the Brown’s showroom are friendly, as well as knowledgeable and passionate about the products. Because this shop is so unique and fun, being in the market to purchase is not a prerequisite. Everyone is welcome to stop in, take their trip down memory lane and appreciate the landscape.
The showroom has been in existence for over two years, but, while it’s pretty well-known to antique car hobbyists, it’s still very much a “best kept secret” to much of the community. Beyond that, this is the only shop of its type in a somewhat large radius. According to Matt, the nearest shop selling anything similar is in Northern Virginia.
Performance Motorcars has its own shop, though not at the same location, where they employ performance-based mechanics who fix and restore the cars. This gives customers the confidence that they are acquiring a product that has been refurbished to its maximum potential.
While the showroom is relatively large and has many cars for sale, it also has a much bigger audience than one would think. Apparently, the showcased cars were never made outside the United States, and people everywhere are trying to get them.
Because the market is so expansive, the Performance Showroom ships many cars internationally to satisfy client appetites outside the states. Many have been shipped overseas to countries like Australia, Germany, France, Norway and Sweden. In addition, people have expressed a desire to procure these cars from quite a distance within the states. Sean said they’ve sold cars that were ultimately used in motion pictures.
While Brown’s Performance Motorcars is, and always will be, a car dealership, it remains much more than that. It’s a vibrant reminder of a bygone culture… a place to go to feel happy or remember how it was way back when. For people who absolutely love vintage and classic cars, it’s simply a place to dream.


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