Chesapeake High School Students Complete Science Fair Projects


More than 100 projects were submitted to Chesapeake High School's science fair in December. Students in the honors biology, honors chemistry and honors physics classes spent roughly two marking periods working on their projects.

Several judges attended the fair to judge the projects, including people from the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s Central Maryland chapter and LinQuest Corporation. There were six categories, which were broken down by area of science.

Some of the projects included testing the durability of paint on different surfaces, how different types of water impact the way rosemary grows, and whether we should colonize Mars or the moon first.


Category: Behavioral & Social Science
FIRST: Liberty Lee - The Effects of Stress on Students
SECOND: Rachel Grapes, Kendall Thomas - Stroop Affect Manipulation

Category: Biomedical and Health Sciences
FIRST: Derrick Diaz - Electrolytes in Sports Drinks

Category: Environmental Science
FIRST: Lauren Gensler - Can I Filter Water like a Pro?
SECOND: Bradley Chew - Lead in Drinking Water

Category: Energy: Chemical
FIRST: Keenan Kopf - A Fuel Argument Biofuels vs. Fossil Fuels
SECOND: Chris Higgins - Does the Octane Level in Gasoline Increase Fuel Efficiency of my Generator?

Category: Chemistry
FIRST: Phoebe Lee - Buoyancy Levels and Density in Water and Fluidized Sugar
SECOND: Kristiana Robold - Do GMO’s have Different Amounts of Energy Compared to non-GMOs?
THIRD: Nick Mundell - Cooking up S.O.L Measurements
HM: Chase Listorti - How does the Amount of Baking Soda Affect the Thickness of a Pancake?
HM: Jamie Gant - The Temperature Affecting Glow Sticks

Category: Physics
FIRST: MyKenna Magnusen - The Light in our Sky
SECOND: Tyler Freeman, Will Mavica - Radiofrequency Interference through Various Materials
THIRD: Vladimir Mikhailov - Effects of Frequency in Humid Conditions
HM: Nia Quinn - The Effect of Layers of Wooden Craft Sticks on the Modulus of Rupture

Category: Physics/Astronomy
FIRST: Anna Trochimowicz - Evolution of the Universe


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