Creative Ideas For Making Your Own Holiday Cards


The season of giving is upon us and everyone will send out their holiday cards soon. Families are preparing to mail their traditional cards or family photographs they edited on Shutterfly. But this is your year to stand out from the pack. Do-it-yourself (DIY) holiday cards are the way to go, so check out these options and enjoy card-making fun for the whole family.

Pop-Up Christmas Tree Cards

These cards are a fun craft the whole family can participate in. Start with your basic card. You can use any paper for this, but cardstock works the best. Cut the cardstock to the desired size and fold it in half to create your standard card. Using a second piece of paper, cut out and create a second standard card about a half-inch smaller than the original on each side. Using the center fold of the smaller card as the canter of the tree, draw a triangle about a centimeter from the top and ending about an inch from the bottom.

After drawing your triangle, divide your triangle into four horizontal sections, marking the bottom of each section with a wavy line. Using scissors, cut along each wavy line. Flip the smaller card with the tree shape inside-out so the tree is pointed toward you. Fold along the outside edges of the tree, creating a three-dimensional shape. Once completing these steps, glue down the cardstock, allowing the card to fold inward and the tree to fold outward. Once you have the fold of the card, you’re ready to decorate. Add glitter, stickers or paint to bring your tree to life. You can add string or pipe cleaners to further decorate the card or act as a garland on your tree. The possibilities are endless.

The Fingerprint Card

These cards are a great choice for families with young children. Create a basic card and draw a basic shape on the front that will be decorated by your children’s fingerprints. This shape can be a tree, a wreath, a menorah or really anything.

Once you’ve chosen a shape, allow your children to decorate it with their fingerprints, either using ink or paint. For example, if your shape is a menorah, allow your children to create flames on the menorah using their fingerprints. If your shape is a Christmas tree, provide children with multiple colors, and let them trim the tree with their prints. Children will have fun, and you will have unique holiday cards to share with friends and family.

The Embroidered Card

These holiday cards come in a range of difficulties depending on the pattern you chose. To start, draw a design on the front of your card that you would like to create. Using embroidery floss, simply sew along the lines of your design to make it pop. Depending on the design, this could be a simple and quick lesson in embroidery for families, a fun learning activity among friends, or a deep dive into complicated embroidery techniques.

However you choose to make your holiday cards, they are sure to be loved by all. The holidays bring people together, and these card crafts are sure to be a fun time for everyone.


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