1. Granny Smith and Golden Delicious
  2. Lista’s ______; famous for their funny signs
  3. Recently closed Pasadena grocery store
  4. Little Orphan ______
  5. “Would you like that well done, medium, ____?” Question that might be asked at Texas Roadhouse (2 words)
  6. Walked back and forth nervously
  7. Belonging to that woman
  8. Card game involving matching colors and numbers
  9. Evaluate, as the county does for property taxes
  10. Paul McCartney and Alec Guinness, among others in England
  11. Was obligated (2 words)
  12. Two ___ Fish and Steak House
  13. The one in Baltimore is named after Royal Farms
  14. Kick in a football game (Former Northeast player Josh Krcik returned an 85-yard one in the 2018 Dena Bowl)
  15. Thinly scattered
  16. Bottle you might pick up at 177 Liquors
  17. A word that a baby doll might cry
  18. _____ Armour Factory Store on Ft. Smallwood Rd.
  19. Calls, or devices for calling
  20. “______ kidding!” I don’t believe it!
  21. Bracelet usually worn in multiples
  22. Rising sharply, as a climb
  23. Pasadena grocery store


  1. Hawaiian greeting or send-off
  2. Cuts off the skin of fruits
  3. Sounds of happy cats at Pasadena Animal Hospital
  4. Rent
  5. To do this is human, so they say
  6. Direction opposite NNW
  7. An opening
  8. Genetic messenger (abbrev)
  9. Rack up, as charges
  10. Claims on property
  11. _____ Pizza, where they never cut corners
  12. A top
  13. What you might do at Arundel Federal
  14. Band used to fasten something
  15. Software on some 39 across
  16. TV rooms
  17. Tried for public office
  18. _____ Noir; bottle you might pick up at Plaza Liquors
  19. Excessive, as force
  20. In the middle of
  21. Stove
  22. Odor
  23. Makes less difficult
  24. Five ____ burgers
  25. Before, in a poem
  26. One bicep curl at the YMCA
  27. Sandi Parrish is executive director of this org. that supports local commerce
  28. Chewbacca is his co-pilot

All done. Find the answers here.


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