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It feels very strange to sit down and write this column for the last time. Some of you who know me personally may have already heard that after this issue of the paper, I’m stepping down from my role as editor of the Pasadena Voice to pursue other endeavors. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me — as excited as I am for the future, and as grateful as I am for my years here, I am sad to leave.

I want to say thanks to our devoted readers who have been in touch throughout the years, sending in story ideas and providing feedback on the news we provide. You are the ones who truly make a small local newspaper what it is: an embodiment of the community it represents. You are the ones who make the news, who give us stories to tell, who create change where life is static and who provide healing where there is hurting. Having a supportive following like you makes the hard work worth it.

I promise that I won’t disappear completely and hope to stay an active community member. If our paths cross out in public, please don’t hesitate to say hello.

I’m also happy that the paper is being left in good hands. My longtime teammate Zach Sparks is stepping up as editor, and I know he is going to do an excellent job. Many of you are already familiar with him, so he doesn’t need much of an introduction from me. For those of you who aren’t, trust me when I say this guy has talent and a work ethic unlike anyone else I know. You can expect great things from him.

It seems appropriate to write about endings and new beginnings this time of year, as summer draws to a close and everyone anticipates the beginning of a new school year. Fall sports and other activities are about to start back up, everyone is resolving to get back into a structured routine, and so many new opportunities are available for each of us as we head into a new season.

So, my question to you: What will you do with those new opportunities? Where is life going to lead you, and what stories will you have to tell about yourself?

And if you have a story that’s worthy of being told, don’t hesitate to reach out to Zach and let him know. Send him an email at zach@pasadenavoice.com. Who knows … you might end up on the cover of next month’s paper.

Thanks for everything, Pasadena. Stay in touch.


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