In Queens Park, Neighbors Enjoy Their Close-Knit Circle


Queens Park is a quiet neighborhood of modest single-family homes and duplexes nestled between Stoney Creek to the north, Rock Creek to the south and Tick Neck Park to the west. Children in public schools attend High Point Elementary School, George Fox Middle School and Northeast High School. Tick Neck Park and Kings Bench are within walking distance and give kids plenty of room to play.

The neighbors are especially close and share neighborhood yard sales and enjoy cookouts together.

Matt and Laura Barnett
Residents for 5 Years

Matt and Laura Barnett chose Queens Park in Pasadena after a recommendation from their realtor. They immediately fell in love with the family-oriented neighborhood.

“Pasadena is unique because of the people; neighbors are the ones that make living in any home a great place to live,” said Matt. “We find that Pasadena has a different feel of urge and speed. The speed and feeling about Pasadena is very relaxed; makes you feel comfortable living here.”

Matt said the Queens Park crew is together through thick and thin.

“We like our neighbors. Some are wacky, standoffish, fun and exciting all at the same time,” he continued. “We have all gotten together for special events, shared good times and bad together. Overall, we come together when needed and we all look out for each other.”

Jamie Hurman-Cougnet
Lifelong Resident

Jamie Hurman-Cougnet’s parents bought their Queens Park home as new construction in 1977. After she and her husband married, they knew they wanted their kids to grow up in the area. When her parents downsized, the young couple purchased Hurman-Cougnet’s childhood home in 2014.

“Queens Park is unique because it’s close to everything,” she said. “Having Northeast High, the Riviera Beach Library and Tick Neck Park within walking distance is wonderful. Although Pasadena has grown over the years, it still has a small-town feel.”

Jamie is also close to her neighbors.

“My neighbors are why we wanted to raise our kids here! Having grown up in Queens Park and knowing most of our neighbors my entire life, moving to Queens Park was an easy decision for us,” Hurman-Cougnet said. “Our connected neighbor in our duplex is an original owner and a second mom to me. It is so nice having Ms. Cheryl right next door.”

Hurman-Cougnet is the president of the Queens Park Community Association, secretary of Pasadena Baseball Club, and a new member of the Superintendent’s Parent Involvement Advisory Council.


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