Jennifer Triplett Is Mountain Road Library’s April Artist Of The Month


Since she was a little girl, Jennifer Triplett has been fascinated by shadows and lighting. This shows in her photography.

Some of her earliest memories of photography are taking apart her mom’s camera when she was 5 years old and toying with the old flash cubes for different lighting effects.

“I used to really like trying to get different angles and perspectives you don’t normally see and a different way of seeing things,” Triplett said.

Though many of her photographs are colorful, Triplett said she sometimes prefers shades to colors because “black and white brings a lot more emotion and feeling.”

Triplett has always been interested in photography, but she is mostly self-taught. She took a photography class when she was a student at Salisbury University, but it was discussion-based and before digital photography.

“You’d have to take 100 pictures for one shot and develop it and hope nobody opens the closet door and comes in,” Triplett said. “It’s gotten a lot more flexible. Experimental-wise, it gives you a lot more time to play around with things and settings.”

Something that really inspires Triplett is nature, particularly the early mornings to catch the sunrise.

“What really gets me motivated is nature and seeing things in a new light,” she said. “Sometimes I like to take it a bit further. There are times when I print things as is, but if I feel like being creative and saying, ‘You know, I could take this and make a better story out if it.’”

Nature will be a key theme in Triplett’s upcoming exhibit at the Mountain Road Library, where she is artist of the month for April. Triplett will display some of her photography that she’s taken around the community. Through it, she hopes to voice some environmental concerns she has.

“I want to address, ‘Hey, I took this beautiful walk, but then the beach was filled with junk and trash that washed up,’” Triplett said. “Or just showing how beautiful this area is, as well.”

In addition to photography, Triplett also paints watercolors.

“I love watercolor because it can be soft, it can be harsh. I like the shadows,” Triplett said. “The media itself is in a way not forgiving, but you can be really meticulous.”

The display at Mountain Road will feature only her photography.

Triplett said she hopes people who view her work take away the beauty of nature and how things can be seen in a different light by opening their creative minds and eyes to new ways of looking at things.

“There’s no point in doing it if you’re not going to share it and maybe bring up discussions about what inspired me,” Triplett said.

The artist reception for Triplett’s display will be on April 16 at 7:00pm. Selections of Triplett’s portfolio can be found online at


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