Joe Romano To Dazzle Pasadena This Summer


Don’t blink, or you might miss it. Joe Romano is bringing his magical talents — and the magic of reading — to Riviera Beach Library on Tuesday, June 25.

This summer, Romano is introducing his program Take Me To Your Readers. This new show will premiere at the Riviera Beach Library.

“All the books are going to have an edge of space, science fiction, aliens,” Romano said. “We’ve written this show beginning to end for the Anne Arundel County Library system. Those kids will be the first people to experience this show.”

When Romano started doing his reading programs, his goal was for kids to learn that books are cool and magical and that they can transport you anywhere.

“I would hope that kids think that books aren’t something they have to do; it’s something they look forward to or want to do,” Romano said. “I think if kids say they don’t like to read, they just haven’t found the right stuff to read.”

In addition to reading programs, Romano also performs shows about math, science and the environment.

Prior to performing the “Ultimate School Shows,” Romano did magic on cruise ships, in casinos and at corporate events. He got tired of traveling but still wanted to find a way of making a career out of magic.

Romano said performing for kids presents unique challenges, as they are accustomed to things being fast-paced and often have shorter attention spans.

“Kids want things at a pretty fast pace, so when you’re entertaining them, you have to keep an eye out if anyone’s losing interest,” Romano said.

But when it comes to performing the Ultimate School Shows, Romano said he has the best seat in the house looking out and seeing all the smiling faces.

“It’s almost like having superpowers,” Romano said. “I always wanted to be a comic book character when I was a kid, and I think that you’re doing something not everybody else can do, so it gives you a feeling of having a superpower, and that’s what I dig about magic.”

Romano said he enjoys performing shows in Anne Arundel County because the audiences are appreciative.

“Live entertainment is getting to be a rare thing at times, so I think the audiences are very appreciative and always a lot of fun to perform for,” Romano said. “I can’t say that about all areas, but I can say that about Anne Arundel.”

Take Me To Your Readers will be at the Riviera Beach Library on Tuesday, June 25. There are two performances, one at 1:30pm and one at 3:30pm, and the show runs roughly 40-45 minutes.


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