Letter To The Editor


(Submitted December 14, 2019)

Delegate Nic Kipke,

In looking at the Pasadena Voice newspaper the other day, I see that we’re to get more cell towers in our area and that Mountain Road will be widened from Catherine Avenue to Edwin Raynor Boulevard. Is this the beginning of the end for the scenic/historic Mountain Road peninsula? Which, as I hope you know, extends from Long Point Road to Gibson Island and the criteria to be able to build on that stretch of the peninsula is so very stringent (at this time) that I don’t believe you could build a doghouse on this road. And how about the “critical area” restrictions? Are our elected officials in Annapolis going to bend the rules to accommodate more development on this “failed road?” And how about the ludicrous bridge across the Chesapeake Bay to Rock Hall using our “scenic/historic Mountain Road peninsula” as a pathway?

I’m concerned that if we allow more development down here, the beautiful open space we have will go the way of upper Mountain Road. You know yourself that the people who live on and adjacent to Mountain Road don’t want any more development. We have enough traffic problems as it is now, and how about the other day when someone just had to hit that pole around Wilson’s gas station again and brought traffic to a screeching halt. It took me an hour and a half to go from Sylvan View to Veterans Highway to pick up my wife at the Woods Adult Day Care Center! Mountain Road was a parking lot as was Magothy Bridge Road.

We cannot handle any more traffic, development, or loss of open-space land down here. How about we save this last piece of relatively pristine land for future generations?

Cell towers, road widening, pathways to another bridge across the Chesapeake. When and where will it end? When it’s all gone, and all that’s left is the memory of this once beautiful area of Anne Arundel County and Pasadena. Come on Nic, help us out! Let’s get some legislation in place to preserve the lower portion of the scenic/historic Mountain Road peninsula! Severely stiffen up the building requirements and the land preservation for Mountain Road.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, there’s still a development sign on Mountain Road next to Downs Park. I know you’ve seen it. It’s been rumored that it’s an assisted living facility being considered. How about you contact me and let me know what you have heard about this?

Also, it’s whispered that another development is being considered near Downs Park. How about that? How about that “scenic/historic” criteria? What about the critical area restrictions? Again, we don’t even need or want another “doghouse” built on the lower portion of this troubled road!

I/we would appreciate our representatives in Annapolis to listen to their constituents, and save this last bastion of aesthetic open space!

We need that “open space!” We want that “open space!” It must be preserved!

I await your response.

James J. (Jeep) Bilenki Jr. USN. Ret.



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