Letter To The Editor


To all Anne Arundel County school faculty and staff, thank you.

I wanted to share my heartfelt thanks to all the hardworking teachers and school support staff! We greatly appreciate your dedication to our children. Thank you for rising to the occasion and doing your best for students during these unprecedented times. I admire your patience and creativity as you learned to work with new technology and adapted to different platforms. I wouldn’t doubt that all the hard work you have provided for our children brought on some stress and frustration. Summer is your time to recover.

Times remain challenging for many, especially for all school staff. Many school staff reached out to our office with their shared concerns and troubles. During the pandemic, education leaders had to evaluate their preparedness plans, identify technical needs and inventory, and assemble Chromebooks for checkout. They worked with school staff to develop school-specific strategies for remote learning.

Please know that you are appreciated and making a difference in the lives of our students. I am aware that not being physically present with your students has created challenges while navigating the online platform. While traditional education that comes in the form of in-person learning cannot be replaced, you have proven that the learning is not restricted to the walls of our schools. Your ability to reach students from a distance while adapting to new changes shows your passion and dedication.

As you know, my office always appreciates when you reach out. If my office can assist you or your friends or family, please do not hesitate to contact us. My office email is sid.saab@house.state.md.us or call 410-841-3551.

Delegate Sid Saab


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