Letter To The Editor: Chesapeake Schools Environment


I am a resident of this community and walk the paths and ground’s exterior of our school’s campus at least four times a week for exercise. I usually don my jacket, walking shoes and Fitbit, but now I’m in the habit of grabbing a plastic shopping bag as well. Each time I am out now, I fill the plastic bag with trash. It is amazing to me in this day of being “environmentally conscientious” to see so much garbage strewn about, not only along the roads and pathways but around our school stadium and so close to our buildings. I see so many cans and remnants of fast food, with the majority of this trash being water bottles, and full water bottles!

Next time you drive around the premises, slow down and look at the grassy areas. If you see something, please stop and pick it up! It would be a great for our youngsters to see such an example and that it takes so little time to do something so meaningful to our environment. Perhaps some classes can take a “brain break” for 20 minutes and get outside for some fresh air and to do so much good around the school grounds. There are PE classes that walk down along the front of Bodkin, and could multitask to pick up some trash.

I know, I can hear it now, “It’s not my trash.” Well, it’s not mine either (and I’m pretty sure it’s not our custodian’s trash either), but I’d rather see and live in a clean, neat school community — wouldn’t you?

Mary Beth Benson
Pasadena, MD


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