Letter To The Editor: In Response To “Pittman On The State Of Anne Arundel County,” Pasadena Voice, January 22


It is stated in this column that County Executive Steuart Pittman commented at his December 2019 State of the County address on the tax increases in this fiscal year budget. He is quoted as follows: “Had we been allowed to tax progressively like the state and feds do, that figure would have been higher. Stay tuned on that front, as we work to shift the burden away from our lowest-paid residents.”

I’ve lived in Anne Arundel County all of my adult life. I cannot recall any county executive ever making such a brazen statement. Anne Arundel County has been a county of growth for decades because of the many attractions offered. Fair and just taxation for residents and businesses has been one of the top attractions of the county.

We now have a county executive that plans on elimination of that attraction by changing the tax methods of the county so we can tax more – just like the rest of the state.

Personally, my preference would be to have a county executive that is fiscally astute. One that recognizes what has worked in the past. One that works to develop an annual budget plan that meets current needs as well as plans for the future. One that does so with the understanding that attracting new businesses and new residents will increase the overall county income. Thus, allowing the potential needs of increased spending to be met.

Higher taxes will only have a negative impact. Is that really what is best for the county?

Rick Schimpf



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