Miracles, Mathematics And Graduations


By Brian Chisholm
Delegate, District 31

If I told you that you were going to win a $100 million lottery 10 times in your lifetime, would you believe me? I am going to assume that every one of you would say this is impossible. Someone would be considered the luckiest person in the world because the odds of this happening are unimaginable to us. Yet every person reading this article has beaten odds even greater than this probability. The odds of this happening are around one in 400 trillion.

Let me add some perspective to this number since 400 trillion is hard to grasp.

One million seconds ago was just 13 days ago. Hopefully we can all remember 13 days ago.

One billion seconds ago was 31 years ago. It was the late ‘80s, neon colors were plentiful, cassette tapes filled our cars and MTV still played music.

One trillion seconds ago was 31,688 years ago. Who knows, at that time we may have had a couple of cavemen running around banging rocks together trying to make fire and planning Geico commercials. Now, multiply that by 400 and we learn that it would take 13 million years for someone to count to 400 trillion.

Here is the amazing part of these numbers. Scientists and mathematicians have calculated the odds of you being born at one in 400 trillion. That means you exactly who you are, with your unique DNA and parents. I was reminded of this “miracle of life” often as I had the honor to sit through several graduations and watch so many young, vibrant and enthusiastic faces cross the stage and grab their diplomas.

What would I tell these young and energetic graduates along with their families and friends as they proudly attended these ceremonies?

1. You are truly a miracle and that can never be disputed. After all, you already won the $100 million lottery 10 times, statistically speaking.

2. Everyone is born with a purpose. If you did not have a purpose, you would not be here today.

3. Every human being is born with special gifts. These gifts are given to you as the catalyst to help you fulfill your purpose while here on earth. These gifts cannot be learned and they cannot be taught in school; they can only be realized and refined by you.

Here is the major challenge to all these facts. As human beings, we are also blessed with free will. Scientist also note that most of us make up to 35,000 decisions every day. Some choices are much easier than others, but some choices can be more difficult and could change your life and those around you forever. You are a miracle with gifts unique to only you for a purpose, so choose wisely.

Here is my advice (simple to say but often hard to follow) to you.

1. Figure out what you truly love to do and pursue it with 100% confidence and commitment. Do not do it for the money or perceived fame it will bring you. It is fool’s gold to do anything just for the money or five minutes of fame. True happiness will come as soon as you realize your life is more valuable than money could ever buy because of your positive impact on others.

2. You must have a vivid vision of what you want to accomplish. The world is filled with people who will quickly tell you that you can’t do something because they can’t do it themselves. You will be knocked down and discouraged by others who either fear your success or are trying to eliminate you as competition. Remember, though, you are your only true competition, so be the best that you can be and don’t worry so much about the opinions of others.

3. Spend every day trying to affect those around you in a positive way. You have the ability to change someone’s life for the better with a simple smile, helping hand or kind word. Never underestimate the immeasurable power you possess to lift someone else up at exactly the right time.

Despite what the news or social media might tell you, this is the greatest era to be alive in the history of the world. The amazing things that will happen in your lifetime were thought impossible or never dreamed of just 10 years ago. Be grateful, loving, confident and strong because you are a true miracle. You have a purpose and the gifts to do amazing things.


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