Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille Sets Sail For Pasadena


Pirates know how to have a good time. They sail, they hunt for treasure and — most importantly — they like rum. Lots of it. And even if adventuring on the seven seas isn’t a practical option for most Pasadenians, they can still drink like a pirate while staying close to home.

And maybe even closer to home than they might think, now that Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille is coming to Magothy Beach Plaza and taking over the space previously occupied by The BBQ Joint.

The move from Glen Burnie, where Mutiny has operated since 2011, promises immense benefits that will allow the five partners in the business — brothers Rob and Steve Wecker, along with Nate Hynson, Lee Marziole and Tom Balsamo — to serve their regulars better and bring in some new customers to boot. “It’s 5 miles away, so the idea is we’ll still be accessible to the people who already love us, and we’ll make some newer friends over there as well,” Hynson said.

Their current location sits tucked back in the Point Pleasant community far off the main roads in Glen Burnie, and although the 100-year-old building has an antiquated charm to it, some of its amenities are outdated and space for parking is limited. “We’ll miss Point Pleasant and we’ll miss this building — it’s been our home for six years — but there are a lot of upsides as well,” said Marziole.

The partners are currently in the process of renovating the space to suit their needs. This includes a redesign of the kitchen to make it more functional for Mutiny’s entirely from-scratch menu, and the installation of a bar for serving an extensive range of craft beer, craft cocktails and, of course, 120 different types of rum.

The biggest challenge, however, to being in a newer, modern facility has been making the place look, well, not new and modern. “We’ve worked very hard to make it look old, even though it’s a brand-new building,” Rob Wecker said, emphasizing that the décor will make patrons feel as if they’re sitting below the deck of a ship, hanging out with pirates, rather than sitting in a restaurant in the middle of a strip mall. “That’s been the biggest challenge — making sure it’s true to the theme.”

The plan is to be open by Labor Day, and all employees have said they plan to stay onboard. “Everyone is really excited about it, which was a huge win for us because what makes us awesome, we think, is our staff,” said Hynson, giving credit to managers Brian Betz and Dave Williams for their work in leading the team.

This move to Pasadena isn’t the only adventure Mutiny Pirate Bar is undertaking this year. The partners plan to open a second location in Elkridge sometime in the fall. They are also already scouting a third location with the hope of eventually growing to 10 locations, possibly at a pace of two per year.

Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille is currently located at 1653 Marley Avenue in Glen Burnie, and is open 11:00am-10:00pm Sunday, 4:00pm-10:00pm Monday through Wednesday, 4:00pm-11:00pm Thursday, 3:30pm-midnight Friday and noon to midnight Saturday. After the move, Mutiny will be located at 33 Magothy Beach Road in Pasadena. Customers are encouraged to ask about the rum passport, which earns them various prizes as they try all the different rums available. For more information, visit


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