Pittman Announces Budget Town Halls

Chris Trumbauer Named Budget Officer


Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman will host seven online budget town halls over the next month to discuss the upcoming Fiscal Year 2022 budget. Due to the COVID pandemic, the town halls will be conducted by videoconference this year.

As with past years, each meeting will focus on an individual county council district and feature opening remarks from Pittman and the councilmember representing the district. The county executive will give a brief budget overview presentation and then attendees will be invited to make public comments.

The District 3 town hall is set for February 4 at 6:00pm (register here).

Pittman also officially named Chris Trumbauer as county budget officer. Trumbauer has been acting budget officer since October 12. In addition to his role as budget officer, Trumbauer will continue to serve as a senior policy advisor to the county executive.

“Chris Trumbauer has been, and will remain, a pillar of our administration," Pittman expressed in a statement. “He has counseled our team in every aspect of governing from the day I took office, including and especially during budget season. By installing Chris as budget officer, we ensure that fiscal discipline is at the forefront of every decision we make throughout the year, and that there is a robust line of communication between the budget team and the administration. This brilliant and generous public servant will continue to guide me and our team through the challenges we face in the coming years.”

The county’s interactive budget tool has been updated and is now live on the county website at aacounty.org/yourbudget. Users are able to see how the county’s tax rates compare to other counties, examine revenue and expenses of the current year’s budget, explore approximate costs of programs, equipment, and staff positions, and adjust tax rates and add expenses to calculate the fiscal impact.

Pittman will introduce the budget on April 30, in accordance with the county charter. The county council then has until June 15 to deliberate and pass a balanced budget.

The schedule of the budget town halls is as follows:

District 1 with Council Chair Sarah Lacey
Thursday, January 28, 6:00pm

District 2 with Councilmember Allison Pickard
Wednesday, February 3, 6:00pm

District 3 with Councilmember Nathan Volke
Thursday, February 4, 6:00pm

District 4 with Councilmember Andrew Pruski
Thursday, January 14, 6:00pm

District 5 with Councilmember Amanda Fiedler
Monday, January 25, 6:00pm

District 6 with Council Vice Chair Lisa Rodvien
Monday, February 8, 6:00pm

District 7 with Councilmember Jessica Haire
Wednesday, January 27, 6:00pm


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