Planning With Integrity: 2250 Financial Services Inc. Offers Personalized Service


With financial planning, people can identify and fulfill their long-term goals while also preparing for unexpected emergencies. John Olson learned about the importance of financial planning firsthand when he and his wife, Kerin, faced an emergency in 2009.

Ten days after their marriage ceremony, Kerin got swine flu and was placed in a medically induced coma. Thankfully, she made a full recovery, but that experience was on Olson’s mind when he was searching for a fulfilling career following seven years as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy.

“When someone gets sick, the first thought is, ‘Is my wife going to be OK?’” Olson said. “The second thought is, ‘Now how are we going to pay for this?’”

Since 2010, Olson has helped clients — military, federal, civilian, retirees and young families — answer those questions and confront life’s challenges. He started his own firm, 2250 Financial Services Inc., in 2020 to honor his father, John, who died in 2013. His father lived serving his family and lived with integrity. The name “2250” comes from his birthday as an homage to him. He concentrated on what was truly important, his family.

“Many of my values come from him,” said Olson, who is not only a financial advisor and husband but also a father of two boys, Jack and William.

Olson prioritizes each person’s values and goals when putting together a personalized financial plan.

“Some people care about tithing to their church, and for others, their biggest goal is leaving money to their grandchildren,” he explained.

It’s a team-based approach that involves Olson, administrative professionals Andrea Meade and Emily Watkins, and Lisa Brydon, who schedules meetings. Communication between the staff is excellent because Meade and Brydon have worked with Olson for nearly 10 years.

Olson likes to meet with a new client three to four times in the first six months, and for all clients, a minimum of once per year. Through discussions about values and goals, the 2250 Financial Services staff and the client are able to build trust.

“There might come a time when I give advice that they might not like,” Olson said. “They might not take the recommended action, but if we have built that trusted relationship, they will hear me out.”

That trusted relationship often extends beyond finances, as clients share details of their family marriages and grandchildren being born. And oftentimes, they might seek referrals for estate planning or a kitchen redesign.

When the subject does involve finances, Olson will listen and be honest in his evaluation.

“I have always admired his integrity,” Meade said. “You can tell from the clients who call that they have a great relationship.”

Brydon said, “He’s never in a hurry and always takes the time to explain things to people.”

Olson and his staff are proud to join families on their life’s journey, celebrating the good and helping them weather the bad.

“Since we started, we had nine clients die, plenty have retired, and many of their basements have flooded,” Olson said.

Clients range from recent college graduates to older folks who are on the verge of retirement. It’s never too soon to start planning for the future, as Olson learned after Kerin’s swine flu diagnosis in 2009.

With each transaction, Olson and his team will plan with integrity, just as his father would have.

“The hardest part, at times, is getting to know the client and getting the money to match their goals and values. As much as we’re trying to get to know them, they’re really interviewing us to see if we meet their needs,” Olson said. “That’s important to us because I don’t want a transaction. I want a client for many years.”

The 2250 Financial Services Inc. office is located at 251 Najoles Road, Suite G, in Millersville. For more information, call 410-774-6723, visit or find the Facebook page for “John Olson — Financial Advisor & Owner at 2250 Financial Services, Inc.

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